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I couldn't stop crying. I cried at the restaurant I watched the game at, I cried twice when I got home, took a shower to calm down, cried 2 more times after that.

The hardest part was being so close to a repeat and losing it. I wanted them to win it for guys who wouldn't be back, like Cheli, Kopy, and probably Conks, Sammy, and Hudler. Plus I felt SO bad for the whole Hossa thing. Even if he didn't play well he's a sweet guy and it broke my heart to see him embarrassed like that. That was the one thing I was praying wouldn't happen

But I'm better now. Still not OK, just better than before.

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I haven't been able to watch ESPN or any sports related channel all weekend, b/c I just wasn't ready to see anything cup related. It's nice to know there are some other ladies out there that cried as well. I was pretty embarrassed in myself, that I burst into tears later that night. I have a feeling all the drinks had something to do with it, but I'm just totally bummed out over this.

I'm proud of our team. It was a great year, but we just came up short.

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