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Red Wings Archived Games Index

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Jason Williams on the first line? And what ever happened to Brad Norton? last time i saw him he separated his shoulder or something like that in a fight

Oh my God that's right... Those lines... Ugh...

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As he had his feed more established he usually had games up a day or so after the game iirc.

It's an incredibly luxury for us Wings fans. :thumbup:

Oh ok. I was just wondering because when I'm up at school I doubt 6 other girls are gonna let me hog the TV and watch a 3 hour hockey game every other night. This way I can watch them anytime. ^_^ This just further spoils us Wings fans...but I love it. :P

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I don't know if it's going to last and I won't be able to update this anymore with the new site I'm running next season. Updating one place is enough ;)

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I've been watching some of the games from last year and the year before. I've always wondered something about Franzen. His brief THN scouting report says that he needs to improve his passing ability. Some games you don't notice it but other you really do notice it and wonder whether or not he should be one of the two guys on the line that are supposed to possess and handle the puck most of the time. A good reason for why some on here want the 2nd line to be Hudler-Filppula-Franzen.

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