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When Does Osgood Start?

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It's really a tough question because on one hand you don't want to throw Osgood to the wolves and start him against one of the hottest teams (Vancouver) but on the other hand you don't want to throw him in a game against a s*** team (Edmonton)in case he s***s the bed and you blow two easy points you absolutely cannot spare but you have to figure he's gotta start one of the back-to-back games.

To me Howard's last two starts againt Vancouver will pay a factor in the decision for sure. That being said, those starts can be used to make an argument for either Osgood or Howard to start. The poor performances in the last two games should light a fire under Howard's (and the rest of the roster's) ass to get some redemption and they should come out firing. On the other hand maybe you try to change things up and you go with Osgood.

No matter how you spin it you absolutely need to get every single point out of Edmonton and Columbus the rest of the way. Plus, the two remaining games against Nashville are huge so you need a minimum 3 of 4 points in those two games. Plus, you have games against teams like St. Louis and Minnesota so it's really anyone's guess as to when Osgood starts.

In all honesty, that Minnesota game on March 26 might be a half way decent game for Osgood to start. It's the first of a back-to-back game. It's in Detroit before they head on the road to travel to Nashville. It'd give Howard an extra night off to rest before a big game.

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