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Guest mindfly

If the wings gets Eliminated by the Sharks....

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I'd continue to watch, but with much diminished interest and enthusiasm and definitely on HockeyStreams so I don't factor into the NHL's ratings.

I may watch sporadically on hockey streams as well - though I am pretty cheesed about the state of NHL officiating, so I may just bow out completely.

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If the wings' gets eliminated by the sharks are you going to follow every other series with much interest and enthusiasm?

Personally I think I couldn't watch any more, would feel too angry and s*** and it's not worth staying up til early morning to watch a team you're not supporting, I feel like I will need a break just like the wings do, too...

What will you do?

Don't worry,that not will be our problem!!! The Sharks will be eliminated in 6 or 7

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