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If the Wings HAD to sign one, who would you want?  

184 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick your poison

    • Chris Pronger
    • Sean Avery
    • Jordin Tootoo
    • Daniel Carcillo

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Byfuglien. You said pick a ******.

I wouldn't mind seeing Fugly on the Wings. He plays both forward and defense. He hits. He's much cuter than any of the ****** choices listed. Plus I really don't think he is quite at the same level of douchiosity as they are.

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I went with Carcillo. If age was not a factor, or if we're talking only about a single year contract, then Pronger would be the obvious choice. Carcillo is the youngest of the bunch, not even to his prime years yet. He, Avery and Tootoo all bring roughly the same thing to a team, and he doesn't have the history with Detroit that the other two do (Tootoo as an opponent, obviously).

Avery, I think, would be my last choice. Not only is he the oldest of the agitating forwards here, but he's also got no small reputation as being quite a jerk in the dressing room (e.g. Dustin Brown). I've personally never heard that said about the other two.

Agree, and Carcillo weilds the biggest hammer out of the three as well.


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