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Forums Upgraded (minor tinkering remains)

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Everyone should now be getting the regular skin, with some minor color tweaking aside. If any of you are experiencing problems, please feel free to contact me through the forum's PM system here. (However, if the issue is color-related -- i.e., something looks a bit off, like a shade of blue or green -- then that's one of the small tweaks I'll be doing over the next couple of days.)

Hope you guys like the updates (better Facebook and Twitter integration, a new Member Map, among a whole myraid of other upgrades)!

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I like the mobile version. Much more iPhone friendly!

That said, two things I was wondering. The mobile version is the default blue & green. Is there any way you can update that to be more like LGW's standard color scheme?

Also, the mobile version shows the member's picture instead of avatars. Is it possible to change that to avatars?

Thanks again for all the hard work!

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