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10/1 Pre-season GDT: Toronto Maple Leafs at Red Wings

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realistically, how far into the future are we hoping mccollum can actually move up to the wings?

A couple years probably, if he can become a good pro. It's one thing to do it for one pre-season game. He's gotta do it for a full AHL season now.

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McCollum definitely looks good. We had a chance to watch him when the Griffins played the Dallas Stars and he held his own then too.

Meanwhile, overall I think Lashoff is a nice surprise. At least to the point where he doesn't seem to take crap from anyone out there. Not sure I like the fact that he's wearing Mac's number, but they didn't call so the hell with 'em. :mobile:

I'd forgotten how good Hudler is at passing and setting up. He is definitely fun to watch.

And am I the only one that thinks Datsyuk looks a little off tonight? Most of the times I've checked him out, he's losing the puck or missing it.

But overall I'm thinking they're having fun out there. And that's a GOOD thing.

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