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anyone have video of pronger in 1998

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looking for video of the incident against the blues where Pronger collapsed. Was talking with a co-worker and we were trying to remember exactly what happened.

I tried searching on youtube, but wasnt having any luck. Thanks in advance to whomever finds it.

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When he took a puck to the chest on a blocked shot and his heart stopped?

Edit: Found this article.

A Scary Moment for Blues' Pronger

NHL playoffs: Defenseman is knocked unconscious and his heart stops briefly in third period of Red Wings' 6-1 victory.


DETROIT — Suddenly, the game meant almost nothing.

When St. Louis defenseman Chris Pronger crumpled to the ice unconscious, his heart jolted out of rhythm after he was struck in the chest by a slap shot from Detroit defenseman Dmitri Mironov, players paled in fright. In the midst of what had been a spirited playoff game, which the Red Wings would win, 6-1, Sunday to tie the teams' Western Conference semifinal series at one game each, it was a graphic reminder of how thin a line they skate between triumph and tragedy.


"I hate to say it, but the last thing on your mind is a hockey game," Marc Bergevin said, still shaken after receiving word Pronger is expected to recover fully but was kept at Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital Sunday for overnight observation. "He's a human being laying there. It was scary."

Pronger, who led the NHL with a plus-47 plus/minus rating and is a likely Norris Trophy contender, was struck slightly to the left of his heart by Mironov's shot 3:52 into the third period. A slashing penalty was pending against him; when play stopped, he took two strides and collapsed to the ice.

Trainer Ray Barile said Pronger was unconscious for 20 to 30 seconds and his heartbeat had become "thready or weak." Pronger regained consciousness while medical personnel tended to him on the ice and fitted him for a cervical collar to guard against further damage in case he had injured his neck. "At the end he was talking to me," left wing Geoff Courtnall said. "He was asking me what happened and asking how much time was left in the game. Emotionally, he was pretty scared. It would scare anybody."

Team physician Aaron Birenbaum said Pronger's heart stopped briefly but its rhythm quickly returned to normal and remained strong in tests at the hospital. "It's not a common thing," Birenbaum said. "But when anyone is hit on the chest wall over the heart, it certainly can cause arrhythmia."

Blues forward Blair Atcheynum was horrified to see his teammate so still and colorless. "It's just frightening to see a man buckle like that," Atcheynum said. "His eyes were rolled back in his head. You don't know what happened.

"Everybody loves to play and we all want to win the Stanley Cup, but health and life are more important."

Link: http://articles.latimes.com/1998/may/11/sports/sp-48660

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Pronger has always been dirty and a piece of garbage. I bet it goes all the way back to pee-wee. He deserves anything anyone gives him, short of a bullit.

note: just before he took the shot, he used the handle of his stick to butt Homer between the heart and throat. nice.

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