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So does anyone else hope Lidstrom comes back next season?

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as I stated in another thread "This may sound wierd but I hope Lidstrom doesn't retire until his abilities start to degenerate probably like 3 years, then we are begging for him to retire. The reason for this is because by then the team will slowly have learned to compencate for losing his talent"

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Quotables from NHL.com article.

"We talk about this every single year," Detroit coach Mike Babcock said. "We think he's the best defenseman in the game and obviously he's an elite talent. But he's an elite person and he's a great leader. He sets the tone for this hockey club structurally, work-ethic wise, how he handles himself as a pro, how you practice and the way you play. He models. You've got to give the guy a lot of credit."


"I've never seriously considered playing elsewhere," Lidstrom said of the Wings, who drafted him in the third round (No. 53) in the 1989 Entry Draft. "You can just look around at the pictures on the wall in here (locker room). It's the tradition that's part of this team. It's something I take a lot of pride in, being part of the Red Wings for such a long time."


"One thing I try to focus on this year is taking more shots or getting more shots at the net, in order to hit the net or try for tips or screens or whatnot," he said. "I've been trying to do that. I haven't looked it up, but that's something I've been trying to do."


"Obviously he loves the game," Wings forward Johan Franzen told NHL.com. "It's hard to just quit, and he's still at the top, right? He's one of the best out there -- if not the best. It's very impressive. I know I probably won't be playing when I'm 40, but he shows up every night like he did five years ago and there's no difference. He's not slowing down a bit."

Lidstrom's drive to win another Cup isn't any less, either. Franzen had to chuckle a little when asked about No. 5's desire to win it all again -- something he helped the Wings do in 1997, 1998, 2002 and 2008.

"What's he got … four?" Franzen said, smiling. "You'd think that would be enough for him, right? I guess he wants five."


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