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WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

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Tough decisions because the expectations are to win a cup. I would be open to trades, and trying to get a big Free Agent signing. We need some new ******* blood on this team. Not some of this Modano bulls***.

Pascal Dupuis and Maxime Talbot are both UFA's in the off season, and they are both better than Hudler/Filppula. ...just sayin...

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This team needs more fan support. I find your lack of faith disturbing, LGW.

I'll eat my crow if we go down 3-0, but I think what a lot of people fail to see is that one good game on Wednesday and we're suddenly only down 2-1.

We win again in game 4 and it's best of 3. Do I think we can win? Of course. If we play like we care, then we're even more dangerous than the almighty Sharks seem to look to everyone. I know it's hard to believe after we played like we did in games 1 and 2, but hell, if any team in the NHL can overcome a 2-0 deficit, it's the Red Wings.

Easy Vader... I hope beyond all hope that they win both games here.

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The Sharks are a better team than we are. There's no shame in saying that. We should have won at least one of those games in SJ, but we didn't, so we move on to the games in Detroit and win those there.

Assigning blame after the fact makes no sense. The team wins or the team loses. The team lost. Get over it and move on to Game 3.

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