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Holland saving $ to make a push for Weber?

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I don't mean to sound like a dick, but why do you pay for an ESPN account? I never got how they can get away with demanding money for that stuff.

I get ESPN the magazine and I get insider for free as part of my subscription. My ESPN Magazine subscription costs me less than $10 for a year.

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I just cannot see us being able to offer something for weber that other teams can't top. Specially seeing as how Nashville will never trade us a norris caliber dman to begin with.

Just pray that suter doesnt get an extension, because he is the realistic option next summer.

Suter is Number 1 on the Philly wish list, and the 2 teams have a history of trading amongst each other. Still nothing close to a signing for Suter, and Poile won't just let him walk as they did with Dan Hamhuis. I'm sure JVR is on their list of what they want in return.

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