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The easiest team to root for...

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For the last three, not Bahstin Celtics, New England Patriots and Manchester United?

What do the Lakers and Steelers have in common that the Celtics and Patriots don't? Simple answer in regards to each team's superstars and their predatory ways.

As far Barca and ManU...meh, it's just soccer :P

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i new it all u wingz fans are jst a bunch of banwagoners detroit sux

/blackhawks fan

P.S. - Did anyone notice that the Lions are the toughest NFL team to root for, and somehow the Pistons were third-easiest in the NBA? Weird spread we have.

How peculiar. I've been rooting for the Lions for almost a half century, and as long as you know which slogan to say at which time, you're fine. For those who don't follow the Lions, the slogans are: "We're not mathematically eliminated yet!" and "There's always next year!"

Root for the Lions until their season is over (mathematical elimination), and then it's time for the Wings to start playing. In a good year, one doubles up a bit, but since the Lions only play once a week, and almost always on a Sunday, it rarely causes conflict.

Not to mention that the Lions bumper sticker makes a great theft deterrent.

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