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  1. betterREDthandead


  2. betterREDthandead

    Winnipeg Jets' New Logo

    Totally agree about the Sabres logo. Boooorrrrrrrrinnnnnngggg. A good logo is a simple representation of a theme. Not pictures of the literal items comprising your team name. The best logo the Sabres ever had was actually the buffalo head they wore with black and red. No effort or professional work at all was ever involved in creating the original one. The original Jets logo was only slightly better. Good job: the word Jets with a hockey stick for the J. The new one is sharp and I like the wordmark. Don't much care for the crossed hockey stick logo, but the one with the plane is good, and the whole thing, colors and all, is very Air Force-y. Which is a much better theme than what appears to be a passenger liner on the original one.
  3. betterREDthandead

    Jim Tressel Resigns

    No, I think you keep the losses Honestly, I do think vacating wins is kinda silly, because everyone knows what happened at the game. But Michigan can't hang the banners anyway. That's the way it is. And the coach knew he was using ineligible players, so it wasn't a level playing field, so I don't know what the right call really is. As long as the NCAA, when they're meting out punishments to schools that run afoul of the rules, doesn't act like vacating games is a real punishment, I'm OK with it. IMO schools that knowingly cheat, like FSU and OSU did, their punishment should be making it harder to win later on, rather than erasing the record book and pretending everything's OK now. Because in the grand scheme of things you're right: people don't care, they know what they watched, and there's a sizable contingent of people (mostly down South) that would willingly break every rule in the book to win even if it meant "vacating" the game later on. Because, y'know, roll damn Tide.
  4. betterREDthandead

    The easiest team to root for...

    i new it all u wingz fans are jst a bunch of banwagoners detroit sux /blackhawks fan P.S. - Did anyone notice that the Lions are the toughest NFL team to root for, and somehow the Pistons were third-easiest in the NBA? Weird spread we have.
  5. betterREDthandead

    Chris Osgood announces retirement

    Damn, I'll miss having Ozzie in the net. This is a guy who was so loyal to the Wings he was willing to turn down offers to be a starter for other teams to come back to Detroit for no guarantees other than to be a backup at best. If that kind of loyalty isn't rewarded with some kind of big Chris Osgood Night, it'll be a travesty, but I'm not worried, the organization will definitely do what's right by him. Can't wait for his HOF induction in a few years.
  6. betterREDthandead

    Jim Tressel Resigns

    I'm sure I don't know what 37-7 could be referring to, since the game you seem to be referencing doesn't in fact exist in OSU history. Jim Tressel had to lie and cheat to earn that score, you see.
  7. betterREDthandead

    Wiz is a dick.

    The next time the NHL has to go through a lockout and the players bring up the argument that "it's not our fault the owners choose to pay us so much money" I wonder if the owners will retort that the silly salaries being given to second-tier defensemen were supposedly "market value."
  8. betterREDthandead

    Wings sign D Mike Commodore to 1-year, $1m contract

    I like defensemen better when they defend.
  9. betterREDthandead

    Wings sign D Mike Commodore to 1-year, $1m contract

    Cap space for what? Who is the imaginary 27-year-old, hard-checking, 6'3", fast-skating, puck-moving, 40-point unrestricted free agent defenseman we are going to sign with this cap space? Paul Mara? You show me the magical splash that can be made this offseason and I'll show you Bigfoot. Believe me, there will be cap space left over after the offseason, and so much the better because it'll allow both trade flexibility and better activity in the market in the future. This market sucks for defensemen.
  10. betterREDthandead

    Too early to panic?

    It's never the wrong time for LGW to go apes*** over anything It can always be worse.
  11. betterREDthandead

    Wings sign D Mike Commodore to 1-year, $1m contract

    Commodore could theoretically still hate Babcock's guts - it's still better than living in Columbus.
  12. betterREDthandead

    Wings sign D Mike Commodore to 1-year, $1m contract

    I don't see any reason to complain about this except if you're just being impatient and wishing it were Shea Weber instead. 1 year, 1 million = absolutely no risk. If it doesn't work out, what have we lost? If it does, great, we got someone that when he's playing well, people hate playing against him. 1 year, people - I would be very surprised if we use up all our cap space this summer and then we get the $1 million cap space back after the year. Low risk, possible high reward signing.
  13. betterREDthandead

    I have a dilemma

    I watched every damn minute of Games 1, 2, and 3 of this series. Assorted conflicts caused me to miss Games 4 and 5 and the best I've been able to do is check the score sometimes and then watch highlights later. For obvious reasons, I'll be staying the hell away from the TV during Game 6, too. I must not bring the whammy back. On the other hand, if something happens during this series that.....would be worth watching, I would hate to miss it. If I DVR the game with the intent to watch it after learning the outcome, is that the same as if I watch it live? I need to tread lightly around the whims of the hockey gods!
  14. betterREDthandead

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    Frankly, if it's not far and away the best defensive line in the NFL, then something's wrong. If Fairley pans out, a front line of Vanden Bosch, Fairley, Corey Williams, and Avril, with some pretty damn decent backups in McBride, Fluellen, and Hill, that would be a top-five line in the league. Then you add the best DT in the league right now in Suh, who is that once-in-a-generation talent along the lines of a Reggie White? Best line in the league, bar none. If the line's not hampered by injury and Fairley pans out as he should.
  15. betterREDthandead

    WCSF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2 (OT)

    OK, you and Buckeye, enough, please.