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Bleacher Report 50 Best Announcers/Personalities in Hockey History

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I wonder what it would be like to see Thorne/Redmond?

that would be interesting.

it all comes down to chemistry. i like kenny and mick's interplay. not sure how gary would respond to the mickeyisms. :hehe:

Mike Lange in the top ten?


i don't know whether to cry or wind my watch..

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To me, it feels like this list has a very American bias to it, but maybe I'm wrong.

I find most people's views of the best announcers may be largely based on who they grew up hearing. I remember when I was a kid living in Eastern Canada, Hockey Night in Canada was basically the only option for watching hockey so I would hear the same guys over and over again and in that environment, hearing those voices just reminds you so much of the event and there is some nostalgia to it.

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Pierre the ****** McGuire should be on "top 10 worst" list, not here. That alone makes the list a joke. Did he run out of names or something? We have a good 70+ years to draw on!

Not even Milbury likes him...

But if you want really bad announcers take this, seriously, seriously bad over here...

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