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Huge brawl in the griffs game

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I miss Friday college nights. Mmmm $1 dollar beers...

New this year: You can only have two in your presence at a time. Which takes the fun out of stocking up. Apparently they'll get dumped if security spots you.

Regardless, they still make for a good time.

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Smith is going to be what everyone here has missed since Fisher. He wasnt chucking bombs at that guy because the other guy clearly didnt want to fight. Heres Smith in his first ever pro fight against an AHL enforcer who fights 30 times a season. Yeah I'm fine with him being one of the tougher guys on the wings in the next few years, hes dewfinitely tougher than anything on the roster right now

Honestly, I really don't miss Fischer. He had tons of upswing, until he got his ass kicked by Shawn Thornton and he never was the same. He barely ever fought anymore, barely hit, was not intimidating at all. We haven't had a mean, tough defenseman on this team who cleared the net with authority and consistantly since Bob Rouse. Honestly, really. Fish was a huge body, but he barely used it anymore, he had one great season and was falling off since. Smith seems mean enough, but I hope he doesn't turn into a coward like Jiri did the first time he gets his ass kicked by a REAL hockey player in the NHL.

On a different note, that pic of MacDonald fighting, he looks like Tim Cheveldae when he got pummeled by CuJo...

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