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Need help deciphering autograph

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When was it signed?

There are only 3 13s in Wing history- Harold Hart, Kozlov and Datsyuk. Problem is, that looks like none of them.

I'm guessing it's actually a 43- slight skip in the pen. Best guess is Matt Hussey, played 5 games in Detroit in 06-07.

It can't be a 23 or 33, shape of the number's wrong. There's never been a 53, 63, 73 or 83, and it certainly isn't the lone 93.

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Thanks a lot!

I searched for some of his and didn't find one that looked similar so I really appreciate your help!

Glad I could help out, I am pretty good @ this since I have about 200+ autographs myself. Makes it easier to identify things. :lol:

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