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Miller Ran again

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According to what you said Abby should be getting what about 5 games? What do you have to say now?

I only saw a two second clip in the highlights so I really didn't see it enough to have an opinion.

My point wasn't that they should suspend any guy that hit the goalie. But based on what Shanny's been doing if he wanted to be consistent Lucic deserved at least a fine for intentionally hitting a player not eligible to be hit. And I don't think Tootoo's whole purpose was to run Miller, but I think he took advantage of that opportunity.

If he weren't such a scumbag of a player, he likely would've just gotten a fine or nothing at all.

So i guess Booth should be suspended for this?

Not gonna happen.

I'm far from a Nucks fan, but that looked like he did try to pull up and minimize contact.

Guys are going to crash the net. There's always going to be a gray area as to if they tried to run the goalie or not. Of all these hits, Lucic's was the most egregious in my book. He clearly took the opportunity to hit Miller, who was not eligible to be hit.

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