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  1. Krayzie_Bone


    If they did not buy out Ericsson no way they will waste it on abby. He brings something to the team even though he is way over paid. He never was a goal scorer and since Holland over paid for him everyone expected him to be something he is not. I would buy out Nielsen's contract first.
  2. Krayzie_Bone

    Trash removal delayed 2 years

    Dumb move. The team does not get any better. The same mistakes every year.
  3. Krayzie_Bone

    Blashill expected back next season...

    Well we know how next season will go if that is the case. A decent early start with signs of improvement and then a total collapse and lack of effort.
  4. Krayzie_Bone

    Ottawa Senators are trying "European style" supporter sections

    My god that is stupid.
  5. I like it. About time they got something for him.
  6. Krayzie_Bone

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Happy Holidays to all my democrat friends out there. To all the normal people Merry Christmas!!! And happy new year.
  7. Krayzie_Bone

    Realistic Window to Competitiveness

    Next year with a new coach.
  8. Krayzie_Bone

    Jonathan Bernier Signs 3yr. $3M AAV

    This is Howards last year/
  9. Krayzie_Bone

    Mike Green Officially Signed *Mod Warning Page 4*

    Dumb move unless they just want to trade him.
  10. Krayzie_Bone

    Wings Get Filip Zadina! (HYPE! Thread)

    Kenny got really lucky here. He basically had to make both picks. If he had to choose between a few defensmen that could have gotten murky.
  11. Krayzie_Bone

    Sedin Twins Calling it a Career After Season

    Overrated imo but still very good hockey players. Stats rarely tell the full story.
  12. Krayzie_Bone

    Team you want to beat the most.

    What team do you currently want to beat the most when they play the Red Wings? For me it has become Tampa. Pittsburgh and Boston are right up there as well.
  13. Krayzie_Bone

    Holland and Blashill expected to return

    I was excited for next year hoping for a new coach with a new approach. Now I do not even plan on watching them much at all next season. Reminds me so much of the Tigers with Ausmus. For 3 all the experts kept saying Ausmus was not to blame and the team got worse every year. The red wings defense is a joke they turn the puck over all the time. After three years of this Blashall has to go. I barely watched this year so it will not be hard to find something else to do.
  14. Holland did a rare great move here. He fleeced Vegas.
  15. Krayzie_Bone

    Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    Well at least they traded him while he was hot and before he goes on one of his 6 goal blow ups again and then tanks for a month.