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  1. A few years ago he was better than crosby now he sucks? I don't follow the league very close anymore except for the red wings but I can't believe Toews is as bad as some are saying in this thread even though they got bounced early the last two years.
  2. I watched that gif like 5 times in a row.
  3. That would have been a nice signing. If the Wings can move some salary he would be a nice signing again this year. It would be nice if they could move green and sign him.
  4. Not going to lie I agree with him on most of what he said. That being said they have to get rid of some contracts so we have money to sign Larkin and Mantha and maybe tatar. Nyquist played great at the end of the year but if someone wants him for a defenseman that can actually play defense that would be nice. Green and Erickson need to be moved some how. Although green is in his last year it wouldent be the end of the world if they had to keep him. Buy out erickson if he is is health enough to buy out try and move green and nyquist. I love how everyone hates Abdelkater now after one bad year. His contact is not that crazy. He is the only one on the team that has had the guts to stand up to people even when he is clearly going to lose the fight beause the guy is 6"7' and he can not even hit him with that reach.
  5. When he said Hank played his last game ever CNN would run the story. Zetterberg to retire.
  6. The wings need to move money bad. If they can move Nyquist, Green and Howie and maybe buy out Erickson they could resign Tatar and Athanasiou and then keep Larkin and Mantha long term. I think Howard is better than mrazek but mrazek is cheaper and younger. It would be nice to get a solid stay at home defenseman in a trade with nyquist. They need to move money big time. After next year shehan is done and Green. So if they have to keep Green for another year its not the end of the world but I think teams would be interested in Green, Nyquist and Howard. should scare everyone.
  7. Lombardi is an ass. Remember how they set up Mike RIchards? That was disgusting. Not even a fan of Richards.
  8. Nyquist not Athanasiou
  9. I hope he is not another offensive defenseman that is a turnstile and can not stop anyone. We have so many dmen that cant clear pucks or keep people out of the front of the net. Most of the times they just end up turning it over in our watched 08 game 6 when the wings won the cup and even a 3rd pairing of lilja and lebda were not that bad. Yeah they took a lot of penalties but after years of watching smith erickson green turn if over all the time its just sickening. Lindstom can make any team good though. Man that was nice with Lindstrom and Rafalski on top and Kronwall and stuart second pairing. That should be the focus on the off season get a solid dman somehow via trade. I was all for trading Nyquist since he was basically nothing for two years but he did turn it on lately and looked like the old Nyquist so idk who to trade.
  10. He is not Marchand dirty.
  11. yeah knowing kenny I say he resigns miller and gives brendan smith like 5 million a year to come home. Please no.
  12. 13 and 40 for sure they were here for their whole career and carried this team with Lindstrom for this generation. Ozzy no I even had to think for a sec "who was 30?" 91 I tend to think yes but not as big of a deal if they dident. 13 and 40 are a big yes.
  13. I still smile when I get reminded Brendan Smith is off the team. Missing the playoffs was almost worth it just to get rid of him.
  14. This team has not gotten any better at the basics. Blashill should be fired. Holland has made a lot of weird moves but he isent going anywhere.
  15. Yzerman obviously the best. I would say Lindstrom and Zetterberg about the same. Lindstrom with the edge. Zetterberg had no one to play with. Zetterberg alone is why these garbage teams even made the playoffs.