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  1. Scott Wilson - Not Drew Miller

    I love how the marching orders came out last year for Abdelkader because of holland's bad contract and now most of the artistic millennial's will bash him the rest of his career. Same with Dekeyser and Helm. The same clowns bashing Zetterberg half way through last year. (yeah I am a millennial too)
  2. Frk vs Pulkkinen

    Two different people. It is as simple as that.
  3. Goal Horn Devastation

    Yeah they need to get this fixed. It is pretty bad. Not a huge deal but I have confidence they will figure something out.
  4. 10/7 GDT: Red Wings 2, Ottawa Senators 1 (SO)

    I was excited for this season but until Ericsson is a regular healthy scratch (and it will never happen with his contract) I will not even bother watching. Better off playing a game on PS4. I was so disappointed he was not bought out this off season.
  5. 10/7 GDT: Red Wings 2, Ottawa Senators 1 (SO)

    How Ericsson is even in the nhl is a joke. People complain about dekeyser abby and helm's contract and they are bad. But Ericsson's is by far the worst. Should have bee bought out. He is not even nhl quality. At 2:01 left i said out loud why the hell is Ericsson still in the game.
  6. Former RW PBP announcer Dave Strader passed away

    Sad he was very good.
  7. Worst Contracts by Team

    Unless Abby keeps getting injured several times a year every year Ericsson's contract is worse. Ericsson should not even be in the league and was dead weight when he got the deal.
  8. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    I cant see how we have the money. Green's money will have to be given to mantha or larkin. Trim the roster down to one goalie making money. Try and dump off Nileson on someone and buy out Ericsson and then you can make something happen. Kronwall will be off the books after next year at least.
  9. 2017 NHL China Games

    Such a waste of time and money. Anyone remember nascar running an exhibition race in Japan for three years?
  10. The Detroit Red Wings: Decline and Fall of an Empire(video)

    I lasted 25 seconds before I had to turn this garbage off.
  11. Little Caesars Sneak Peek

    Dumb name I agree with everyone but I dont think it is that big of a deal. But man this place looks amazing. Just unbelievable.
  12. One of the only good moves Kenny has made in a long time. God it was nice to get rid of that dead weight and for a second and third round pick. I was just worried Kenny would pull a Kenny and re sign him in the off season because he could not get anyone else.
  13. Man that is nuts considering they have one of the worst defenses in the league. Everyone can say what they want about Dekeyser and Abdelkader contracts (yes they are too high) But Ericcson's deal is by far the worst.
  14. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    You would fit in well at cnn.
  15. I think they have a decent chance. They were playing fine at the start of last year before they fell off the face of the earth. They might sneak in like usual and get bounced in the first round.