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2/4 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Oilers 5 (SO)

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Conklin is a ******* clown. Stop defending this garbage. It is not the team, it's him.

Yeah, Conks is not the greatest back-up, but the power play is more inexcusable than anything. Seriously, not since McLellen left has that power play not looked completely one-dimensional, and that's even when it was #1 in the NHL. Mike Babcock's coaching ineptitude is mind-boggling. I am miffed at how many people think he is even a semi-decent coach. Keep riding the success of a good team, Mike, and keep fooling the gullible masses.

I don't care where Detroit is sitting at the moment, Babcock is a buffoon, and he has played zero part in ANY of Detroit's success.

Oh, and Commodore is STILL a horrible fighter. I'll take a guy who is at least willing to drop 'em than not, but I would much rather have Konopka or Asham in the line-up.

And after saying all of this, I still think Detroit is going to win this game ... maybe? But if they don't get a right-handed sniper at the deadline and this team keeps listening to Babcock's "coaching", I don't like their chances in the playoffs.

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