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  1. 3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    Good start.
  2. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    No, the only dick moves made this off-season have been made by Holland.
  3. I remember when Oliwa crapped his pants when Kocur challenged him and refused to drop his gloves. Oliwa, now, is the head coach of a local hockey team up here in Northern Michigan, the Kalkaska Rhinos.
  4. Targets for the Wings

    Elliotte Friedman says Daley/Detroit might be a done deal, take it for what it's worth:
  5. Dave Semenko Dead at 59

    I can't remember any. I remember he and Kocur chatting from opposite ends of the ice one game, possibly Parker's first game with the Avs, but I don't think he ever fought a Red Wings players while with the Avs, or ever for that matter.
  6. 2017 Draft

    When that pick came up I thought, Vilardi or Tippett? I wonder who Holland will take? And then he traded back and took Cholowski. No, wait? Listen, I don't know how this Rasmussen kid will pan out, hope for the best; but one thing is for sure, his career will be compared (at least around here) to Vilardi and Tippett from here on out, fair or not - no, totally fair. The same with Cholowski and Chychrun. And I don't know about you, but a future with Vilardi/Tippett and Chychrun is more tantalizing than the one with Rasmussen and Cholowski. But hey, I'll be more than happy to have my reservations and doubts proven unwarranted (I just don't think they will be). Sorry I can't be more optimistic.
  7. 2017 Draft

    Can't understand this pick. There must be something about Vilardi we don't know, or maybe Holland has lost his mind. I'm leaning toward the ladder.
  8. Drouin for Sergachyov

    Well, looking at Lightning fan's reactions - "Are you ******* kidding me" "Sergachev is overrated. Hate this trade" "Drouin is a once in a lifetime player... mad creative scoring skills. Stamkos can't stay healthy. Would have traded an aging stamkos first" "Im done, Drouin was generational" "Boooooooooooooooooo" "Tell me this is a joke" "I'm actually crying....." "Lol Stevie?" "I cannot believe this. Wow. Just wow. Way to ruin my day. This was so STUPID." "guess who's not a lightning fan anymore" "Wow. We just got fleeced..." "Starting to question our decision making." "And lost a bunch of fans in the process! Horrible trade, absolutely awful. I guess Stevie Y put himself before the team." "This is the worst trade in the history of the franchise. It's Kareem-to-LA bad." "This is utterly embarrassing! Killing the fan base!" - I'd say they aren't too happy. But that's just Twitter, and there were a few who supported it, but it was mostly what you see there. Montreal fans were more positive about it. They hated losing Sergachev, but recognized a need on offense. Haven't looked at what the message boards are saying yet.
  9. Griffins Calder Cup Playoffs Thread

  10. Griffins Calder Cup Playoffs Thread

    You'd select Playoff All Access, then fill out Register or Sign In, then enter FINALS17 in the PROMO CODE box, then you should be able to submit a package without giving your card information.
  11. Griffins Calder Cup Playoffs Thread

    Anyone interested in watching for free: Just follow the instructions.
  12. Griffins Calder Cup Playoffs Thread

  13. Griffins Calder Cup Playoffs Thread

  14. Shattenkirk

    If they get rid of the salary cap, I'm all in. Outside of that, or him willing to take one of those legendary "Detroit Discounts" my Grandpa once told me about, I'm going to have to take a pass. Too much money for not enough difference.
  15. Griffins Calder Cup Playoffs Thread