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  1. Hairy Lime

    Larkin Next?

    Wasn't liked by his teammates? Tell that to Larkin, then, because he seemed genuinely pissed about the trade and even said that AA WAS liked and wanted to stay in Detroit. As for AA's defense, it was no worse than a young Yzerman's, before a certain coach was brought in. This team's biggest problem is Blashill.
  2. Hairy Lime

    AA traded to oilers

    One "anonymous" quote, from any older teammate. I could give an F. Put your name on it, or I don't care.
  3. Hairy Lime

    AA traded to oilers

    For that return, I'd have much rather held onto him. There really was no reason to trade him to begin with. Can't wait to see him play with McDavid, might even order Center Ice to watch Edmonton games. Will be a fun team to watch.
  4. Yes, but trading off a 25-year-old coming off a 30-goal season for cheap just because he is perceived to be a 'problem child' seems rather silly. Could you imagine if every GM traded a player only because they were viewed as a 'problem child'...Patrick Kane for example? No, unless multiple assets are involved, and that includes a 1st or a top prospect, then there is really no need to trade him. I hope Stevie holds out for a great return or does not trade him at all, and I certainly hope he does not sell low, I'd be so disappointed in him, and I don't want that.
  5. Now I'm dreading a little what he might trade AA for. Anything less than a 1st PLUS a decent prospect would be idiocy. I'd much rather keep AA than take a single crapshoot draft pick.
  6. Hairy Lime

    Zadina Says It

    The Athletic's Scott Wheeler has Zadina listed as the #12 best prospect on his latest 'Top 50 drafted NHL prospects' list. The full list is behind a paywall, but someone posted the top 20 on Reddit. Here's his criteria: The player must be drafted. In rare circumstances, a player who went undrafted but has signed an entry-level contract and merits inclusion in the top 50, may be eligible. The player must be under 23 years old (the same criteria I use as a cut-off for my team-specific prospect rankings). We know that a player is nearing the end of his development around 23. I have long believed that Calder eligibility should also be limited to a similar age cutoff. The player must not have played in the majority of his club’s NHL games last season. If he did, particularly if those games were during the tail end of the season, he is no longer deemed a prospect. Here, I occasionally applied my own discretion with players who played more NHL games than they did in any other league last season but didn’t finish the year there. I also considered age. Someone like 20-year-old Henri Jokiharju, who played 38 NHL games last season but didn’t play a single NHL game after from the end of February onward, was made eligible. For example, though, I would have been less lenient if Jokiharju were 22 (as I was when I opted to exclude Oliver Kylington and his 38 games played). I guess Veleno is on there as well, no Seider. 1-Jack Hughes 2-Kaapo Kakko 3-Quinn Hughes 4-Cale Makar 5-Evan Bouchard 6-Alex Turcotte 7-Cody Glass 8-Bowen Byram 9-Dylan Cozens 10-Adam Fox 11-Kirill Kaprizov 12-Filip Zadina 13-Dante Fabbro 14-Adam Boqvist 15-Nick Suzuki 16-Martin Necas 17-Matthew Boldy 18-Kirby Dach 19-Aleksi Heponiemi 20-Erik Brannstrom
  7. Did Stevie have info Seider was going top-10? If not, why not trade back? Don't like the pick either way.
  8. Hairy Lime

    2019 Draft

  9. Good, I never wanted Hughes or Kakko anyways. They suck. Whoever we pick at #6 is who I really wanted.
  10. Well, this turned out quite bad... but at least it's not Colorado; still, if Chicago gets 1 or 2....
  11. Hairy Lime

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Isn't that pick Colorado's?
  12. Hairy Lime

    2/24 Transference GDT - Sharks @ Red Wings - 3:00 PM ET

    If he scores a hat trick against a team he has no ill will toward, what will that mean for Montreal next game?
  13. Hairy Lime

    2/24 Transference GDT - Sharks @ Red Wings - 3:00 PM ET

    Happy Zadina Day! But certainly no pressure, kid.
  14. Over 20 members online. I guess Holland must have made a trade, eh. Semi decent return for Jensen. Will probably be a late 2nd, but better than a late 3rd, which is what I was expecting. Don't know much about the player, but from what I've read and seen, he seems like a guy worth taking a chance on, "change of scenery" and all of that. Nothing to lose.
  15. Hairy Lime

    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    Been looking at a ton of pre-draft mock drafts this morning. Almost none had Zadina slipping past 4, with the vast majority having him going at 3 to Montreal (or to a team that traded up). Don't know how or why he fell to us at 6, but, wow! Almost all had Veleno going somewhere between 15-19, with one having him going as high as 11, calling him "the best center in the draft". So it seems like a windfall for him to fall into our laps at 30. Bode Wilde, our potential 1st pick of the 2nd round (depending on what Buffalo does), was also consistently in that 15-19 range in most of these mock drafts, with one having him picked as high as 13. I was actually hoping to trade up for him in the mid-20 range, but, well, there he may be for us to take at 33? If he is, seems like a no-brainer pick. Feels like a 1st round coup (well, more luck, but Holland still had to not screw it up, so good for him) for Detroit, could be some steals in round 2 as well.