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  1. Well, looking at Lightning fan's reactions - "Are you ******* kidding me" "Sergachev is overrated. Hate this trade" "Drouin is a once in a lifetime player... mad creative scoring skills. Stamkos can't stay healthy. Would have traded an aging stamkos first" "Im done, Drouin was generational" "Boooooooooooooooooo" "Tell me this is a joke" "I'm actually crying....." "Lol Stevie?" "I cannot believe this. Wow. Just wow. Way to ruin my day. This was so STUPID." "guess who's not a lightning fan anymore" "Wow. We just got fleeced..." "Starting to question our decision making." "And lost a bunch of fans in the process! Horrible trade, absolutely awful. I guess Stevie Y put himself before the team." "This is the worst trade in the history of the franchise. It's Kareem-to-LA bad." "This is utterly embarrassing! Killing the fan base!" - I'd say they aren't too happy. But that's just Twitter, and there were a few who supported it, but it was mostly what you see there. Montreal fans were more positive about it. They hated losing Sergachev, but recognized a need on offense. Haven't looked at what the message boards are saying yet.
  2. You'd select Playoff All Access, then fill out Register or Sign In, then enter FINALS17 in the PROMO CODE box, then you should be able to submit a package without giving your card information.
  3. Anyone interested in watching for free: Just follow the instructions.
  4. If they get rid of the salary cap, I'm all in. Outside of that, or him willing to take one of those legendary "Detroit Discounts" my Grandpa once told me about, I'm going to have to take a pass. Too much money for not enough difference.
  5. Man, Phili with the leap we wanted.
  6. Landon Ferraro. His father, Ray, was sometimes called "Chicken Parm".
  7. We need Eichel to come here so he can clean house.
  8. 40+? If McDavid were on his line, maybe. But AA can easily become a 30+ goal scorer given a full season and top line teammates/minutes. I truly believe this. We've always joked about how many goals Helm could score if he didn't have concrete hands, well AA is Helm with good hands. If he can just get better on the defensive side of the puck, he can become scary good.
  9. You should read the Blackhawks board. "Blow up the team"; "Fire Q"; "Fire Bowman"; "Team is too soft"; "Kane is one-dimensional"; "Hossa should retire"; "Keith sucks"; "Toews is the most overrated player in the NHL", etc, etc. Basically, replace the names and it's just like our message board these last few seasons. But I'm not counting out the 'hawks just yet. I remember when Detroit had them down 3-1. 3-0 is a little different, and Chicago is older now, but I want Nash to end this series in 4 and not even give Chicago any hope.
  10. Well, it'd shock me.
  11. Enforcers and Brendan Smith will carry NYR to Stanley Cup glory!