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If we got Selanne..

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#21 55fan


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 02:13 PM

i bet they would take stuart for selanne. but i rather have stuart

Hmm... and Stuart wants to go west...

I wouldn't be in favour of that as we need Stu on the blue line for the playoffs unless we were to trade him for a good d-man. I will miss that guy for what he does for this team even though he's not one of the big splashy guys who gets all the interviews and puts up the big points. He does what he does and he does it well.

If we can get Selanne for a reasonable trade, I'd like it. The guy is driven and doesn't play like his age should dictate.

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#22 Rice



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Posted 12 February 2012 - 02:32 PM

Why are people suggesting that trading for Selanne if he's only going to be here for the playoffs isn't worth it? It's always worth it if you win the Stanley Cup. Do you think Boston really regrets trading for Kaberle? Of course not.

Selanne is an elite forward that would help this team win the Cup.
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#23 Detroit # 1 Fan

Detroit # 1 Fan


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 02:37 PM

Selanne+Moen/Gaustad = Stanley Cup. We can only hope, I wish the deadline would hurry up :ph34r:


#24 ogreslayer



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Posted 12 February 2012 - 03:13 PM

If the Wings got Selanne... He would spend more time complementing Kronwall instead of calling him a dangerous player:

I don't see him coming to Detroit at all though

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#25 DatsyukianDangles122


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 03:24 PM

Selanne would put us over the top and make winning a cup that much easier.
Homer, Lids, Selanne and maybe Bert would retire happy men.
I don't understand why anyone WOULDN'T want Selanne on this team..he's a phenomenal player and he and FIl have a great relationship (really close friends).

We could trade a 1st and a good prospect for him and win the cup...

Really, a trade for Selanne would be awesome.

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#26 T-Ruff



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Posted 12 February 2012 - 03:25 PM

If Selanne decides to come to Detroit it shouldn't cost much at all, at least not compared to other teams' star players. The Ducks will only trade him if he wants to and if/when he decides that team will be the only one in the running, and also under the impression that he won't be coming back.

His recent comments where he jokingly said that he and Flip have good chemistry makes me somewhat optimistic about it.

#27 Z and D for the C

Z and D for the C

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 04:10 PM

Selanne+Moen/Gaustad = Stanley Cup. We can only hope, I wish the deadline would hurry up :ph34r:

Was just going to say this. Selanne would be money.

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#28 Wings_Toledo


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 07:15 PM

Believe me, I'm all for trading for Selanne. I just don't think the Wings can outbid other teams for him. I hope I'm wrong, though.

#29 Finnish Wing

Finnish Wing

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 07:23 PM

If the Ducks are trading Selanne they want prospects. Hudler and Kindl aren't prospect anymore. And if we are going for the Cup I rather give them Pulkkinen etc. than Hudler for example who can actually help us RIGHT NOW.
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#30 Wingzman91


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 07:41 PM

Selanne retires a Duck, just the way they both want.

If he moved at all it could only be if the Jets made the playoffs.

#31 Seraph


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 07:54 PM

This wound is still festering. I don't know if I can do it guys.

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#32 Nightfall


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 07:58 PM

I love how everyone assumes Hudler and Kindl are the asking price for any team's star offensive player. Selanne won't be a Red Wing, and please, no more lines threads...

What? You mean that another GM won't take crap players for top line talent? Maybe they think that we will get the Ducks GM drunk prior to this signing. :D
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#33 LeftWinger


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 09:18 PM

Believe me, I'm all for trading for Selanne. I just don't think the Wings can outbid other teams for him. I hope I'm wrong, though.

It might not be about outbidding another team. Selanne gets to say where he wants to go(if he is going anywhere) and he has already expressed that he a Fippula have good chemstry together (although dodging the trade question) so you would think if Selanne were to give the Ducks a short list of teams that Detroit would be on there, if not the only one of the "Top Contenders" he may list.

I'd like to see Selanne and Morrow, but that may be too expensive I believe. Selanne and Moen? Could be interesting...

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#34 LeftWinger


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 09:26 PM

I would never give up Hudler who is having a great year for a 41 year old guy on his last year most likely, if KH did this then he should be fired. All the Hudler haters need to face the fact that unless Happy goes crazy and demands 4-5 million a year then hes going to resign here unless hes packaged in a MAJOR trade at the deadline

Ahhhh, but what would you give up for Selanne AND Perry?

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#35 Lonewuhf



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Posted 12 February 2012 - 09:36 PM

No if we got Selanne then it provides us with the ability to finally play Pavs and Hank together every single game. I think the lines would and should be:

Zetterberg- Datsyuk- Bertuzzi (Hank is energized now and Pavel has been good most the season, and Bert has worked real well with Pavs)

Selanne- Filpulla- Franzen (Fil and Selanne would be great together and Franzen would add to the line... this would be the best 2nd line in the NHL)

Cleary- Helm- Hudler

Mursak- Abdelkator- Miller

Lidstrom- White
Kronners- Stu
Ericsson- Commie

- I don't think it would cost as much as ppl think for Selanne because everyone knows he is going to retire after this season and if he goes to the Ducks to ask to be traded to the Wings, I dont think it will cost us too much.
- I think getting Selanne will win us the Cup.

Seriously??? Babs isn't not playing Dats and Z together because he can't. It's because they just don't work together anymore as seen the countless times he's tried it in the past 2 seasons. I wish people here would get the damn "hank and dats together are unstoppable" mentality out of their heads once and for all.

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