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  1. This team just needs to have a fire sale and get rid of Blashill. Let one of the assistants take over until next season because I'm sure there will be some big name coaches available this summer. The streak is most likely over at this point so just embrace it and do what you can to get a high draft pick and free up some space for FAs or a trade.
  2. Anyone have another link to the vid? The original YouTube video was removed.
  3. Honestly, I don't think any of them should have their number retired. Although, Fedorov would be the most deserving if they did retire any one of those numbers. To retire a player's number they should be a generational talent that helped define the success of the team and so much so that no one who ever wears that number again would get to their level. As good and important to the team as Zetterberg and Datsyuk are/were, they were never honestly on the same level as Fedorov. And I love Ozzie, but it would have to take something really special to retire another goalie's number.
  4. signed

    It doesn't hurt to have a guy as fast as Helm who can be slotted into either the top six or play on a checking line and be effective. He just can't be relied upon to be a scoring winger. So, I really don't think he's the problem with this team. He was one of our best players in 2008 and 2009 because he had a great team around him so he could play his role. Also, apparently he could have gotten more money elsewhere so it's not like the Wings actually "overpaid" to keep him.
  5. I'm going with better just because I think Nielsen and Vanek will add more offense and allow for better matchups. The D will hopefully get sorted out by the start of the season. If Mantha and AA start the season with the Wings then even better.
  6. Same here. The last playoff year that I even really cared about was 2009. Now it's either 1 or 2 teams that always make the Final and some random team that doesn't really offer much of a challenge. At least the Sharks have a somewhat interesting story with their history of choking and getting to the Final for the first time ever. I still wish it had been Caps vs. Stars. That would have been a fun series.
  7. Let's go, Sharks. This isn't the Caps vs Stars Final I wanted but at least I'll (hopefully) get to watch Crosby cry after failing to lead his team to another Cup.
  8. Glad the Sharks won. They deserve it and have a much less annoying fanbase than St. Louis. I hope SJ goes on to win the Cup. Say what you want about certain players but they've had enough disappointment in their history and are finally a legit, deep team.
  9. Potential Game 7 moved to Nationwide Arena. I'm hoping the Griffs can pull it off so I can go to the game!
  10. Klingberg for Howard and Nyquist. E5
  11. Good hire. We'll see if he can fix some of the issues we've had defensively.
  12. I can't see Boudreau doing well in Minnesota. But, we'll see. Boucher in Ottawa is interesting but until their owner realizes that you have to be willing to spend to win, they aren't getting any better...
  13. I think St. Louis and San Jose have been the most complete-looking teams in the playoffs so far. I wouldn't be surprised to see either of them win the Cup.
  14. GDT

    Hopefully not being benched for Pulkkinen...