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  1. Wings_Toledo


  2. Wings_Toledo

    Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

    Radulov is all about using his performance to jump ship to the highest bidder. I won't doubt his skill but has there ever been more of a money-chasing player in recent history?
  3. Wings_Toledo

    Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I'm gonna laugh so hard if Vegas ends up taking Kronwall or Ericsson.
  4. Wings_Toledo

    Former Wings

    Remember when we won the Cup in '08 and had Brett Lebda and Chris Chelios as a 3rd pairing for some games? That seems crazy to me now.
  5. Wings_Toledo

    Can we NOT suck at tanking?

    Realistically, we can't finish worse than 2nd pick and will probably wind up with the 5th or 6th. With the draft lottery, even owning the 2nd pick doesn't guarantee we wouldn't drop down a few spots. I'd rather see the Wings finish out the season strong and on a somewhat positive note and see what Holland can do in the Summer.
  6. Wings_Toledo

    2017 KHL playoffs

    Weird seeing that from Datsyuk. He seemed to be a little bit sneakier about getting back at guys in the NHL.
  7. Wings_Toledo

    Captain Hank

    I wasn't really referring to the current or previous captains, but the state of the team as it is today. Maybe I should have been more clear on that point.
  8. Wings_Toledo

    Tomas Jurco traded to Chicago for a 3rd rounder

    I liked Eaves when he was here. If he didn't run into injury problems he might have stuck around a bit longer. He's always been a solid contributor for whichever team he plays.
  9. Wings_Toledo

    Captain Hank

    I do think that AA has the potential to be a captain, or at least an alternate. He and Larkin are the only two young players I could see getting the "C" but knowing this team it'll probably go to someone like Abdelkader if he's still here.
  10. Wings_Toledo

    Tomas Jurco traded to Chicago for a 3rd rounder

    I just wonder how much longer his NHL career can last since his "potential" is really starting to prove to be nothing special. Nice that the Wings got a 3rd for him. That may end up being a steal.
  11. Wings_Toledo

    2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    Right, I was implying that we shouldn't make that trade if they're asking for anything like Larkin, etc. If Kenny really wants him then I think that a trade might be the only way because I doubt he would come to Detroit as a free agent. Trading for him and trying to reach a deal before July would be a safer bet. But yeah, not a trade we would really need to make right now.
  12. Wings_Toledo

    2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    That would be ideal, but sounds too easy. Would St. Louis even want Nyquist or would they ask for a Larkin, Mantha, AA, etc?
  13. Wings_Toledo

    2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    At this point I don't really have any confidence in any moves this organization might make until Holland is gone. I've tried to rationalize his performance since '08 but it's pretty clear that he's just coasting and doesn't truly care about winning anymore. The Wings still draft very well so it's not a complete disaster, but the decline in team performance has been evident for years now without any sort of clear plan to rebuild. I just hope that Holland can at least unload Smith and Vanek before the end of the deadline.
  14. Wings_Toledo

    2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    Is it possible that Holland is trying to negotiate a new contract to make Smith more enticing to Las Vegas? Leave him exposed on a decent contract and they might bite. But, getting a pick or anything for him would be better than that option so there goes that theory...
  15. Wings_Toledo

    Jeff Blashill

    This team just needs to have a fire sale and get rid of Blashill. Let one of the assistants take over until next season because I'm sure there will be some big name coaches available this summer. The streak is most likely over at this point so just embrace it and do what you can to get a high draft pick and free up some space for FAs or a trade.