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Chants From The Joe At Game 3?

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I can only image what you do when something REALLY GOES WRONG in your life.

The same thing as when the Wings don't win every game: He stomps his feet, hits something with the sides of his little fists, then yells, "It's not FAIR!" and sits out on the steps until someone comes out with a sweet to make him feel better.

Edit for punctuation errors. :blush:

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I'm prediction leonardsankar by a landslide. PredsFanTheBayouState can be a little immature at times (i.e. stupid argument that was removed from Photoshop War) but for the most part he has been respectful to the community. leonardsankar is just a straight up troll/douch-bag

My thoughts exactly. Remember the sharks fan who decided to create an account and rip on the wings? At least this girl shows some respect and has some hockey knowledge

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