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Have we seen the last of Holmstrom?

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  1. 1. Has Tomas Holmstrom played his last game?

    • Yes, he will retire
    • No, he'll play at least one more year

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Because of his age, won't he have to clear waivers if we try and send him down?

He'll have to clear just like anyone else who is not waiver-exempt (3 years), but who would take him? I really can't imagine anyone taking him for their own needs, nor can I imagine anyone taking him just to prevent us from having him.

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Keating is the biggest moron I know. I hate listening to that idiot.

You must have a really nice job, if John Keating is the biggest idiot you know. BTW, I'm pretty sure Larry Murphy gives him a run for his money...

It's one of those couples where you don't mind that the funny guy got the pretty girl.

Lol. My Wife and I were discussing that phenomena the other day. She said, "Yea, we think we can change em all...". Left me wondering what she thinks of me, Lol.

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