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I find the fact that people here don't want the Wings to sign Semin to be mind boggling. He instantly becomes the best winger the team has. I'm not suggesting the Wings break the bank with him but 10-12 over 2 years or 6.5 for one year would be a great addition to the team and without the long term commitment. If he is looking for a longer term deal I'm not sure.

I would think to trade for a Bobby Ryan might cost too much and I would rather add Semin without losing Flip.

That is what I like the most about Doan and Semin alike. The fact we don't have to lose Flip is huge, he's top 3 in my mind. Doan I am sure will sign with NY at a discount to win but I hope Kenny is really kicking the tires of this Semin thing, if not then someone on the inside isn't a fan...

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