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Andy Pred 48

No Kubina talk?

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during the pre playoff trade window the Wings were interested in getting Kubina on board. Mainly for his exp and his

right hand shooting. Yet i dont think he has been mentioned at all this off-season. More to the point i dont think he has

been linked with any other team? Has he a deal on the table and is off the market per say? If Kenny could somehow

get him and J-Bow in on a trade then maybe it dont look so bad. I'm not down on our D at present as i think that if all

the guys we have perform to their ability then we have a stong looking 6. The points will be spread about more this year

and i really do think that if Smith is given the mins he will florish and end up our top point D man, yes even more than Nic jnr will get. The only thing is if we got both in then 1 of the 6 we have will have to go. The potential i could see is that

White could go back to the Flames in a deal for J-Bow, which leaves us with no R/H on the blueline, unless Kubina signs

that is. We would have a very big D corps if this happened thou.

Kronwall 6' 190lb

J-Bow 6'4" 212lb

Big E 6'5" 220lb

Quinc 6'2" 205lb

Smiffy 6'1" 198lb

Kubina 6'4" 243lb

Jakub 6'3" 201lb

Ian 5'10" 201lb.

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Kubina and Rozival are in Prague having drinks and laughing there asses off right now.....with Lilja, Meszaros, and Prongers out, and Carle gone, you better believe Philly wants Kubina back badly.....Then there's us needing depth D-man....If I was one them I'd be charging arms and legs right now, their services are in demand....probably why no one has signed them yet, them and the teams are holding out for the best price. Seems like everyday more surgeries and injuries are being announced, and every time that happens they can up their price tag. Really hope we bring one of them in though....Holmgrens probably willing to spend more than Ken though.

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Yeah unfortunately we aren't the most desperate team for a defensemen anymore, and I get the feeling Philly will match/beat any offers we throw out towards who's left. They are in serious trouble right now.

I'd rather have White over Bouwmeester personally, so i'm not in agreement for sending him to Calgary for JBo.

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I've been calling kubina since the wings missed out on suter.. I think he'd be a decent fit for the bottom pairing. If we enter the season with something like this, I'd be fine with that..




Then, I see us waiting til the deadline to trade for a solid top 4 d man.

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