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Hasek retires........probably

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one of the best English speaking European goalies ;) marrrrk my worrrrds!

gotta say... first Chelli, then Dom. sad to see all those young kids hang'em up prematurely, huh? :)

good luck with retirement, Dom! lot of fantastic memories of hockey, not just Wings.

BTW. TSN has video with Top 10 Hasek moments. strange to see his Olympic Gold not mentioned, nor the controversy of Stars Cup winning goal... but it's nevertheless nice thing to see and recall the grrrrreat man from Czek RRRRepublik

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Had there not been a lockout, who knows, he might have been signed to a team on a tryout basis, or for PR reasons.

Hats off (again, for the third time) to a terrific career, Dom!

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