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Disney Buys Star Wars, 3 New Films Coming

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Just got back from the Solo movie.

Average to say the least. Nothing ridiculous like in the last movie, but I wasn't blown away either. Donald Glover was super hyped for this film and I felt his performance was completely forgettable. I didn't find anything charming or memorable about Lando's character. Han was kinda just blahhh too. And Woody Harrelson? Really? I dunno, I just felt it was a lazy choice.

Didn't mind the pacing of the movie, no glaring pot holes, yada yada yada the thing with this movie is all my mind goes back to is the reintroduction of Darth Maul. Clearly he has survived the removal of his legs by Obi Wan, and is still practicing on the darkside.

In my mind all this says is that the Kenobi movie of Obi Wan after the clone wars is gonna be about a rematch with Maul, where Kenobi finally kills him, avenging Liam Neeson once and for all.

Also Disney just confirmed a Boba Fett movie

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The new teaser trailer for episode 9 Rise of Skywalker


The whole trailer isn't much but shots of characters, but then holyyyyyyy s*** the shot of the downed deathstar and laugh at the end. Emperor Palpatine is back baybee! Luke says "no one's every really gone, and then you hear Darth Sidious's laugh". Also Ian McDermid, the actor who plays the emperor, appeared on stage at the unveiling of this trailer.

I've been pretty much all-around disappointed with what Disney has done with star wars, but I'm a sucker for palpatine and I'll go see this one in theaters bc of him. Really hoping they can put together a strong movie to really tie loose ends up and end this trilogy on a strong note. Anything less than knocking my socks off is probably gonna disappoint me at this point thou. I just can't even name one memorable character from these movies. Even Rey and Kylo Ren are just completely forgettable undeveloped characters. So disappointing. I'm just complaining now, I'll stop.

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