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Datsyuk @ KHL Skills Competition

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you know, looking at both of those quotes that I had just thrown up, it actually adds credibility that pavel was certainly apart of the Russian group of players that were announcing they were finishing the season in the KHL. It was rumored that Ovi, Kovy, Malkin and some other NHLers were planning on having a press conference inwhich they were going to announce that they were staying in Russia for the rest of the season. Apparently the NHLPA had talked them out of the press conference and told them that they were going to work to end the lockout asap. Luckily, the CBA finally came to terms before that press conference happened (even though... i still don't get how that would work considering the KHL is honoring the NHL contracts). Maybe the KHL would've stepped up big time and started that contract war if they had datsyuk, ovi, malkin and kovy..

I've read a bit on Malkin recently and while he liked playing in Russia, he seems happy to be back. He had some comments about how he has a new appreciation for what it is like for Crosby on a regular basis (i.e. he got a lot of attention while playing in Russia).

“I understand now how hard it is for Sid,” Malkin said, referring to Penguins teammate Sidney Crosby. “He does such a great job. It is hard. I get it.”

He also seems to be the anti-Fedorov if you believe what Gonchar has to say:

“He never wants to be the biggest man in town,” said Gonchar, who shares a floor of an apartment complex with Malkin in Moscow.

“Evgeni would like to play hockey, and he can be the best hockey player,” Gonchar said. “But maybe he would like best to do it out of the spotlight.”

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