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Desjardin match penalty on clean hit against Mayers

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Edzo complaining about a 'blindside hit', which is not in the criteria for this rule. It's not the blindside that makes it dangerous. It's the principal contact and targeting of the head that do.


To be fair, I think he was using "blindside" in the sense that Meyers was looking the other way when he got hit. That doesn't make it a blindside hit per se, and he did seem genuinely shocked that it was a major.

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I can almost understand it. It had all the makings of the classic blind-side hit to the head, the most dangerous play in the game. Everything lines up for this being a big suspendable hit....except......no head contact.

Watching at full speed it even looks okay though. The only benefit of the doubt I'll give the refs here is that they weren't watching the full speed like me looking at nothing but the hit in particular. That said, if they didn't see it good enough, why wouldn't they err on the side of not dishing out a match penalty? If they get that wrong and miss the head shot, the player will get his discipline via suspension. Before they hand out calls like this on the ice, I think they better be a little more sure (without being in the conversation amongst the 4 officials, I won't go much further than that).

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