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Official 2013 MLB Thread

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Last nights game was the first time I've watched baseball since ... Maybe last years playoffs.

I'm always blown away by how agonizingly slow the game moves.

Last nights one run nail biter seemed to move even a little slower than tonight's game.

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The one thing that I can't get over about this series, isn't Game 2's heart breaker, nor Uehara stumping our comeback in Game 5 and acting cheerfully famboyant, nor was it Prince Fielder doing absolutely nothing in the post season yet again. It's not even giving up the 2nd grand slam in an ALCS series, the 2nd being in a crucial elimination game which just yet again shows this team will keel over in big games. In fact, even if the Tigers did win this series, this would still annoy me.

It was Verlander losing to John f****** Lackey. Great job, batters! :clap:

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