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Who would you rather have: Marchand or Shaw?

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Don't want either player. We need big forwards, not small ones. Shaw is 5'11 and Marchand is 5'9.

To answer the OP, Shaw would be a better fit. Marchand couldn't play a chippy, annoying style here, since he wouldn't have his backup. Our team is too soft and he'd get his ass beat all the time. Also, Shaw is a right-handed shot, which we never have enough of.

They're both good players in the places they're currently at, but we I think we need to look elsewhere.

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Marchand. Shaw is a dirtbag, Marchand less of a dirtbag.

I still can't believe there isn't a pic online somewhere after Shaw took a run at Mike Richards his first game back and Richards barely dodged the check. The cameras showed Shaw on bench, he turned to teammate to his side and stuck his tongue out and smirked/laughed (I hope that doesn't sound silly, it hard to describe a dirtbag tongue out, smirk... its like saying you saw the Devil and then trying to describe it to somebody)... I asked a few people if they noticed and of course nobody did making me feel like maybe I imagined it all and was looking too closely trying to find evil.

And that isn't even counting the two flying elbows he delivered on Wings during our series...

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