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Question about Buying out Samuelsson

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Guest DeGraa55

My thing with Holland is he inherited a good team and good prospects. Holland truly shouldnt be considered great or bad yet. I'd say give it another five to ten years. See how he does when DAT and z are gone. If we win another cup in the next five years or cup or two in the next ten years then I believe that says everything we need to know about Holland. But on the other hand if we started to miss playoffs that says a lot as well.

These last two off season really have pissed me off. But Holland can still turn it around without a doubt. A few trades really can go an long way. Were two players away from greatness but two top end players.

Signing Sammy, cola, and monster to two years deals was pure stupidity. But it looks as he learned by doing 1 year to Alfie. But if he gives cleary three years....well we won't go there.

Also the constant quotes of "were looking for a top end defenseman or a top 6 forward but unfortunately the asking prices are too high" anger me. YOU CANT GET TALENT WITHOUT GIVING UP TALENT. WHY DOES HOLLAND THINK HE CAN ACQUIRE A SUPERSTAR FOR EMMERTON? Its not rocket science.

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Yzerman went to a s*** franchise, while Holland inherited the best team in the league and had plenty of money to work with for a long time, and a place that could draw free agents.

I think you're overly negative when it comes to Holland. You're right that it can be harder to land talent for a bottom feeder like Tampa. But Yzerman isn't doing good, as much as I hate to say it. He's making questionable trades, seemingly random free agent signings, and sometimes completely neglects a team need. He continues to chase offense when they need goaltending and defense.

Plus, a lot of talent DOElike to play in nice climates, whether the team is good or not. It's not entirely his environment that is hamstringing Yzerman. He's just not doing great. Holland, however, makes nuanced, careful moves (which is why I imagine a lot of people hate him) but they're usually carefully calculated to address certain needs, and they usually work.

Yes, last off-season was awful, but Holland didn't have many options. Suter was the only really good d-man available, and we didn't get him because of personal reasons.

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Here's an article discussing the basics of it. It's from 2011 but is still very relevant as the rule has not changed. It discusses the thought process behind it and how it pertained to the Rangers and Glen Sather/Chris Drury then.

Only Sammy is eligible as the other two don't make the required $2,750,000/annually in salary.

Great article, thanks for providing that. It clarifies the waters somewhat.

The author also mentions that not all RFAs are eligible for arbitration. Based on their ages and # of games played, I believe all three DET RFAs would be eligible. But if anyone is curious at looking closer, I pasted the arbitration eligibility rules below.

Whether Holland would actually be willing to ask the player agents to consider arbitration, I'm not so sure. But perhaps this rule does empower him to offer the RFAs the minimum required (I think it's 110% of their current salary, so somewhere just south of $1 million each), and see what happens.. Currently Capgeek has the Wings at 2.3 mil in cap space, so if each were signed to $1 million only, they could be under the cap by only moving Eaves' or Tootoo's contract or even via $1 cap relief of burying Samuelsson in the minors (plus Emmerton, for the roster spot). .

Of course, if an arbitrator awarded 2 or 3 of the RFAs a significant raise, that could create all kinds of new problems.


12.1 Eligibility for Player or Club Election of Salary Arbitration.

(a) A Player is eligible for salary arbitration if the Player meets the qualifications set forth in the following chart and in Section 12.1(b) below:

First SPC Signing Age:

Minimum Level of Professional Experience Required to be Eligible for Salary Arbitration

18-20: 4 years professional experience

21: 3 years professional experience

22-23: 2 years professional experience

24 and older: 1 year professional experience

A Player aged 18 or 19 earns a year of professional experience by playing ten (10) or more NHL

Games in a given season. A Player aged 20 or older (or who turns 20 between September 16 and

December 31 of the calendar year in which he signs his first SPC) earns a year of professional

experience by playing ten (10) or more Professional Games under an SPC in a given season.

(b) Only Players who qualify as Restricted Free Agents as described in Section 10.2

of this Agreement, who meet the qualifications in Section 12.1(a) above, and who have not

signed an Offer Sheet are eligible either to elect salary arbitration or be subject to a Club-elected

salary arbitration.

© As used in this Article, "age," including "First SPC Signing Age," means a

Player's age on September 15 of the calendar year in which he first signs an SPC regardless of

his actual age on the date he signs such SPC.

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Having been a player for a long time, Yzerman knows better than to bank on draft picks becoming stars. Salo was an injury-prone, one-way defenseman near the end of his career; Kubina wasn't much different; Carle is overpaid and poor defensively; and Clark had only one decent season and is no longer with the team. In fact, Steve's very first move as GM was to move Meszaros, who would probably be one of the best defenseman on the team had he been kept. And there's no disputing that Yzerman's lack of focus on goaltending has been disastrous for the


This is not what this thread is about if you want to talk about Steve Y start a thread on that

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Guest Crymson

Teams can take RFAs to arbitration only once. It would be unwise to waste that.

This is not what this thread is about if you want to talk about Steve Y start a thread on that

Thanks so much for your input, but next time please direct it to my complaints box.

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