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Trial date set in Steve Moore’s lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi

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I hope Moore wins as big as possible headaches are horrible concussions headaches are even worse and what Bert did at least to me could be classified as criminal. The guy has barely done any interviews and when he does them the lights are still dim. Some mentioned that Bert would have to live with only of 20 percent of his money do what? The guy ended someone's careerin hockey and life.so yeah go Moore

If that were the case then Matt Cooke should be in jail.

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Who was the last player to fight Steve Moore?

Matt Cooke. The same game.

I don't see an update and I know there was speculation after the initial settlement announcement, but evidently it was officially agreed on yesterday.


Bertuzzi's lawyer confirmed the settlement two weeks ago, but Moore's lawyer, Tim Danson, said it's his opinion that there was no "binding and enforceable settlement until the language of the settlement documents was agreed to by all parties," which he said happened Thursday.

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