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Question about 2009 Winter Classic Jersey

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Does anybody here own a 09 winter classic jersey?

I think I found a real one(from a seller that both me and a couple of friends have bought from before) on ebay. but i have a couple questions about it.

First off the link to the ebay auction itself:


-There is no nhl shield logo on the collar under the laces. Is that normal?

-The lettering on the nameplate seems a bit jumbly,although that could be the photo itself,does it look normal to someone who owns the jersey?

-Finally the numbers & logos look really shiny,almost as if on a fake jersey? Again it could be the photos,but does it look legit?

I've been kicking myself for years for not buying one of these when they first came out,i didn't make the same mistake with the new one and picked myself up a Zetterberg WC in the spring. I'd love to complete the Euro Twin's set,and if I can get a 09 WC jersey with Datsyuk on it,it'd be killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Does it look legit to anyone on here who has one of these jerseys(even if it's not a Datsyuk)?

Thanks for the help guys!

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The more I look at that, the more I believe that jersey is a replica (Reebok Premier), as opposed to the authentic (Reebok Edge). Which is odd, considering the price the seller is asking is more in line with the authentic, instead of the replicas.

I have an Authentic '09 WC jersey, picked up in '09 (for A LOT of money), and I spent the past 10 or so minutes studying mine and comparing/contrasting the pictures. A few differences I've seen...

1 - As you mentioned, the replica does not have the NHL shield on the neck, but the authentic does.

2 - The Gothic "D" logo on mine has easy to see stitching all around the outside of the logo, whereas this one either has no stitching at all, or is too fine for the picture to show clearly.

3 - The Reebok patch on the back collar on the replica is placed over the seam where the two shoulder sections meet, whereas mine has an additional insert for the logo (as evidenced in this picture of Chelios from the '09 WC).

4 - The inner collar of my authentic has a black band with the Reebok word-mark logo on it, whereas this one does not. As well, the Reebok clothing tag is different from the authentic and the replica.

5 - Can't tell by the pictures if the linked jersey has a fight strap, mine does.

There are a few other minute differences I've seen, but those are the major ones I've seen. All in all, I believe the jersey you have found is a licensed NHL product, but it is only a replica instead of the "real-deal-could-be-worn-on-ice" authentic.

For the record, the seller of that auction has pictures of 2 different jerseys. He's selling a Datsyuk jersey, yet the third picture in the listing (the jersey, off to the side) is a Zetterberg jersey, as seen by the letters that are seen from the inside of the jersey.

If you're looking at getting an '09 replica WC jersey (still officially licensed), save yourself $95 and get it from SportsK.com. SportsK comes VERY highly recommended by several LGW'ers (myself included), and sell only licensed stuff at much better prices. I've bought no less than 7 jerseys from SportsK, and would (will) gladly do so again. Sadly, I think finding an Authentic '09 WC jersey is going to be very difficult and/or expensive to do. eBay is probably your best bet, though it's still a long-shot.

Happy hunting!

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Sorry, late to the game but don't buy that ebay jersey! It's a real 'replica' jersey, but definitely not worth paying what that guy is charging. As Jedi said, sportsk is very good, and done most of my jersey purchasing through them. You can get this replica jersey, buy the WC patch and get it customized much cheaper than that ebay jersey. http://www.sportsk.com/vintage-redwings-winter-classic.html

Honestly, while the authentic is a beautiful jersey I opted for the replica. The retail authentics were made using the edge 1.0 material, while the replicas are made with air knit. The edge material snags very easily, while the air knit is much sturdier. I probably looked at a dozen different authentics before the '09 WC game, and they all had bad snags or pulls in them. My replica WC has been worn quite a bit, to games, to the bar to watch games, etc, and it still looks like the day I bought it.

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