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Hockey News' Top 10 Fights of 2013

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Some good fights in there, but nothing special.

Nowadays, I feel like I need to watch classic youtube fight videos to see a great fight between heavyweight enforcers.

Also, I wonder if the Wings even had 10 fights this calendar year. :lol:

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Numbers 8-10 were decent fights, but definitely not top 10 worthy. McGrattan and Bordeleau from earlier this season was better than those listed 8-10. Engelland and Orr from last season was better than 8-10, as well. I'm sure there are others that THN missed. Fun list, anyhow.

There have been a few tough guys that have really disappointed in the fight department so far this season.

*Paul Bissonnette has been running away from heavyweights all season long. One fight in 22 regular season games, and it was against Zac Rinaldo.

*Cam Janssen has fought twice in 22 games.

*Anthony Peluso has fought twice in 18 games.

*Kevin Westgarth has no fights in 12 regular season games.

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There are fights and enforcers in hockey? Who knew.

I hate these lists and the fact the Wings are never on it. Before the 04 lockout it used to be dominated by badass Wings. Such an entertaining part of the game that we lack, creating rivalries and energy, that has left us with a team that has to win to be good to watch.


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