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4/4 GDT - Sabres 2 at Red Wings 3

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Also, Jimmy needs to save that McBain shot. Soft as a baby's bottom.

Also, Smith needs to smarten the eff up. If Quincey can stay out of the box and be mostly quiet (in a good way) through 60, so can he. I know Mike Emrick thinks he's the s***, but Mike Emrick also thinks goalies wear waffles on their hands.

Also, winning as much as we are with Kindl and Lashoff seemingly never leaving the ice is quite impressive.

Also, negativity.

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If we win tomorrow and Leafs lose..don't we clinch a spot?

NM forgot about NJ and Washington..

Technically, if we win vs the Habs (giving us 90pts) and then NJ, Toronto and Washington all lose tomorrow we are in.

I say technically, because NJ can only max out at 90 (but we'll be tied with ROW), same with TO (We've got the tiebreaker) and Washington can only get 89.

Then we'd need just 1 point from 4 games.

Anyway, it wasn't too comforting to see the wings let up in the latter stages of this one, but hopefully they'll be better rested for tonight! There's hockey all day today!!

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