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Okay. So many of you may not view this as a sport, but rather "sports entertainment" or "fighting with a predetermined outcome" or maybe just can't see past the "it's fake!!" ...but if anyone wants to chat about wrasslin' lets do it here.

First order of business:

WWE. Wrestlemania is fast approaching. Lots of guys are injured.

Fantasy Book your card knowing that Cesaro, John Cena, Randy Orton, Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins, Sting, Nikki Bella, & Paige are on the shelf.

Daniel Bryan still has not been cleared. Will WWE give him the go ahead?

The Rock, while attending, has not announced that he will be wrestling. Should he be?

Will Roman Reigns be the champ going in to Wrestlemania?

Who from NXT gets bumped up for their first Wrestlemania experience?

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This is the WM card I had in my head before the injuries. (no writer in the WWE would have the balls or brains to have a card this good)

Ambrose vs. Reigns. vs. Rollins (steel cage match for the WWE championship)

Undertaker vs. Cena

The Rock vs. Triple H (Rousey and Stephanie in their corners)

Lesnar vs. Cesaro

Daniel Bryan vs. Owens (IC title match)

Wyatt family vs. League of Nations

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch (divas championship match)

Dudley Boyz vs. New Day vs. Usos vs. Lucha Dragons (tag team titles single elimination tables match)

The injuries (and Vince's booking) will ruin the card. I'm guessing Reigns will win the Rumble and wrestle himself at WM. The last two Rumble matches have centered around this goof and I was hoping this year would be different. However, the company went one step further and decided to make yet another Rumble match centering around Reings (even though he's champion). They're going too far to get this guy over. The one man vs. the world worked for Austin and Bryan. It won't work for Reigns because the fans don't like him.

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