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Teeter Hang Ups

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15 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Anybody ever use one? Does it work? I f***en wrecked my shoulder and my back and thought this s*** might help me stretch it out, plus I kinda wanna hang upside down for the fun of it

But damn, I looked online and these ******* are like $300 bucks. Maybe I can get one used.

uh, phrasing?

don't you mean gravity boots?

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Ok, our cover is pretty well established, mods will see those teeter hang up posts (who actually buys that garbage?) at the top, and will think this is a legit thread for inversion therapy enthusiasts.

Think again silly mods...

If you're reading this, congrats, because you just discovered an underground meme-ban resistance thread. Join us. The resistance grows daily, but we need YOUR memes to win the war.

NEWS FROM THE FRONT: As you survivors out there are well aware, our original meme-ban resistance thread was raided by the mods, DESPITE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS THAT NO MOD SHOULD CLICK ON THE THREAD... (Funny how the mods insist that you follow their rules, but then ignore ours with reckless abandon. Hypocrisy?). Now we are forced to gather here in the shadows... the shadows of a teeter hang up... but the night is always darkest before the dawn. The final battle is coming.

Anyway I think we should keep it light and seasonal with some nice spooktober memes




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