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those broken sticks on the ice really cause a lot of trouble

13 October 2007 - 04:16 PM

the rules in the nhl are really odd when it comes to sticks. if they even break a little they have to be thrown to the ice immediately and left there. often times these broken sticks are a hazard to players on the icy. if you skate over one you are going to fall down. if you shoot a puck into one its going to deflect it. they are just annoying and they cant be moved until a whistle, and then only the linesman can pick them up.

its a lot to do with composite sticks. they break easy but they cost a lot.

here's where chris chelios comes in. i know his sticks are supplied by the organization so he doesnt pay for them. if they break he doesnt give a darn.

what would stop chris chelios from purposefuly breaking his stick along the center ice line to create a no go barrier once the wings have the puck in the opponents zone? it would probably take a good minute for him to comlete his task but all he would have to do is skate to one side of the red line, break his stick, have some one on his bench throw him a new stick, break it, and continue doing so until he has an entire line made of broken sticks?

why do players even bother appealing to the officials?

11 October 2007 - 04:25 PM

everytime a player gets penalized they go up to the official and say that they didn't do anything. is there any point to this? take this scenario for an example:

chris chelios is trying to defend the net against mike modano, as mike modano skates by chris chelios, chelios sticks out his stick and trips up mike modano. the referee sees this and puts his hand up to call a penalty on chris. chris goes to the ref and acts like nothing happend. whats the point?

also, a penalty whistle can only be blown when a member of the offending team possess the puck with their stick, right? what would stop chris chelios from just arching his back and laying around the puck in mid ice. he would not touch the puck and he would make it so the puck is still visible. it would be an easy way to kill off the rest of the time in the game if the red wings already had the lead.

something that worries me about osgood.

10 October 2007 - 04:06 PM

if you compare osgood to other goalies he's an odd ball. he doesn't have the attitude of js giguere or tomas vokoun. he looks young and he doesn't ever curse.

but what bothers me most is his helmet. when you look at other goalies they have helmets with designs on them reflecting their personalities. vesa toskala has a skull head. eddie belfour had an eagle. even todd bertuzzi (not a goalie) has a skull emblem on his helment.

btw. his first name is chris. do you think chris chelios is some sort of drama queen and just breaks down osgood mentally for using the same name on the team?

hahaha did anyone watch the Vs. game of Toronto and Carolina?

09 October 2007 - 09:01 PM

some fan in the crowd had a whistle and they kept blowing it everytime toskala grabbed at the puck. during the third goal for carolina toskala thought the fan whistle was the ref whistle and just dropped the puck and brind'amour scored. mic magoo just said it counts. poor toskala!!!

question about the high sticking penalty

09 October 2007 - 04:08 PM

alright so from what i understand its 2 minutes just for having your stick hit a guy in the face. its 4 minutes if you draw blood.

ok so what if chris chelios put his stick under an opponents stick and lifted it up to hit himself in the face. would the opponent still get a 2 minute penalty.

also, sometimes in wrestlings wrestlers will use hidden razors to cut themselves for dramatic effect. what would stop chris chelios from hiding a razor in his glove. after he hits himself in the face with his opponents stick he would fall to the ground, act like his is hurt, slyly take out the razor and cut his face drawing blood.