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  1. Buppy

    Which Extra Forward Should Sit?

    If fans could make trades this team would already be eliminated from the 2020 playoffs. But LCA would be full: "How can we be 0-13 after 6 games? I have to see this for myself."
  2. Buppy

    2018-19 Season Lines Thread

    Sulak and Hicketts have both been abysmal. Probably just flipped a coin for which to send down. Our actual roster would be almost $7M below the cap. We have a lot of dead money. Also, the entire purpose of the cap is to take spending out of the equation, and it works. Very little correlation between spending and team quality. And what do you think we could do if we had a bunch of free cap space? Nothing wrong with a complimentary player on the top line. It's not like "loading up" (if we can call it that with our roster) the top line worked at all.
  3. Buppy

    Which Extra Forward Should Sit?

    There's two extra forwards, so the question should be which forward, in addition to Witko, should sit. Ras can sit another couple or so to get some more time up, play another four games, then either we decide to play him the rest of the year or send him down. Frk and Ehn are the only real options. I would go with Frk just because it's annoying watching the team trying to set up telegraphed one-times all day while Frk scores like Glendening. Or we could go with benching as punishment. Normally not a fan of that, but on the other hand I have been thinking Nielsen needs his ass kicked. Vanek, Abby, and Mantha are close as well.
  4. Buppy

    Mantha is Lazy and He Sucks

    Keep in mind that Rasmussen is a slide candidate. He can only play 9 games before using a year of his ELC. Scratching him gives an opportunity for more practice, more instruction, more time with the team, before that decision has to be made. It's not necessarily punishment or singling him out.
  5. Buppy

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Someone reset the Matrix when we weren't looking. The Q was the lowest scoring of the CHL leagues last year. Only 6 players hit 1.4 ppg. The whole world is a lie. Up is West. North is 5. Ed McMahon never worked for Publisher's Clearinghouse. Nothing makes sense anymore.
  6. Buppy

    10/4 GDT - Red Wings vs Blue Jackets - 7:30 PM EST

    So many kids in the line-up with NO supervision? Madness! I predict chaos!
  7. Great, you realize that the standings don't matter. So the sort criteria is arbitrary. I am honestly surprised. I was sure your next topic was going to be "Why does the NHL list wins/losses as stats for goaltenders?" But to answer the question: I would, like most people, use my brain to make a decision. A decision that would be the same regardless of how said goaltenders were ranked in whatever list I was looking at. It seems you need a website to think for you. Sorry about your luck. If you're so upset about the NHL standings, you should be more proactive in your campaign. Since you probably need assistance on how to go about this, please visit www.HowToWriteALetterToYourCongressmanAskingForSomethingStupid.com for further instruction.
  8. Depends on how you want to define "standings" I guess. Pretty clear from his response that he's talking about how the teams are ranked. The fact that the displayed standings require any "interpretation" kind of proves the point.
  9. No, he's saying records matter, but how they're displayed on a web page doesn't.
  10. Buppy

    2018-19 Season Lines Thread

    Svech is on IR. We won't know if he actually made it until he's healthy. Given the state of our defense, I wouldn't be surprised if we carry 8 D. I also think our young D generally looked better than our young forwards. While I don't think Ehn is someone we need to worry about wasting in the pressbox, it still makes little sense to have him on the team if he isn't going to play regularly. I'd prefer Svech (or better yet, Zadina) over Ehn, though I'm not sure either of them would have a suitable role.
  11. What I, and I assume Toby, meant by "standings don't matter" is that they aren't used for anything. e.g. There's no prize for being in 1st place in December. Obviously a team's record always matters, but only because it's part of the final record, not because of where they're ranked on some website at some arbitrary time. Teams don't sell because they're in 12th place in February, they sell because they think they'll still be in 12th place in April.
  12. Buppy

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Joakehn Ehnderssehn Cory Ehnertehn Luke Glehndehnehng
  13. I suspected you might be that guy. This question seems to pop up almost every year. The answer remains the same: "Because they want to". The only time the standings matter is at the end of the season, when everyone has played an equal number of games. And as you already know, at that time points give the same result as percentage. If mid-season standings bother you, don't look at them. And for Neo, 2004 was a long time ago. You should check out some post-lockout hockey.
  14. Buppy

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    You say that like you think "officially retire" means acknowledging that he isn't going to play again. Like we need to maintain some illusion that he's just injured, but might be back some day. But it doesn't matter if he'll never play again, or if everyone knows it. The only thing that matters is that his injury is real. "Officially retire" in respect to the cap recapture penalty means filing the necessary paperwork to terminate his contract, so that we'd no longer be paying him or dealing with his normal cap hit.