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  1. Buppy

    Tickets at LCA Holy Smokes Batman!!

    In lieu of a retirement fund, I built a diverse portfolio of unhealthy habits. So while you're spending your whole 401k on cardigans and replacement hips I'll be long gone. Sucker.
  2. Buppy

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Could say the same about Franzen. Not a single similarity between them other than both are left shots and tall. Franzen was a converted center who played a strong two-way game, much better with the puck especially in traffic, more physical, better along the boards, significantly more productive, but a worse skater. Aside from being big, and so playing net front on the PP, he's very similar to Tatar. Both offensively oriented, shoot-first finesse players. Good but not great speed. Wide variety of shooting abilities. High corsi% and shot generation. Good in transition. Neither is physical. Mantha is stronger on the boards/corners, but I'd say Tatar is better with the puck. Mantha turns the puck over much more frequently, most likely the result of poor decision-making and (ironically) trying to do too much. This video does not support your Tatar comments: Not trying to make anyone into anything. Mantha plays net front on the PP because otherwise we'd have to play Abby the full two minutes every time. It's a reaction to a weakness on the roster. (Makes it all the more sad that everyone went berserk when we drafted Ras.) At even strength, there's no such thing as a net front guy. At least not without a Datsyuk-Zetterberg-Lidstrom combo to give a Holmstrom that luxury. At ES Mantha plays like every other scorer: react to the play, try to find open spots in high-percentage areas, support the puck when needed, look for deflections/rebounds/loose pucks when someone else takes the shot. Even with Ras though, Mantha should still play net front on the other PP unit. He's better than Abby, and with 9 PP goals last year I don't think you can argue that it's hurting him. Nyquist, Vanek, Larkin, AA, Nielsen, Zadina, Zetterberg, Frk...all even less suited to a net front role, but as capable as Mantha filling a shooting role IMO.
  3. Buppy

    Tickets at LCA Holy Smokes Batman!!

    No, I'm also poor, I've just learned to accept it. Going to a hockey game is a luxury. Something you do after you take care of the important things. If you can't afford the luxuries you want, you're too poor; or not rich enough if you prefer that term. If you're complaining about it, you're in denial. Learn to accept it. TV is better than going to a game anyway, because god loves poor people. That's why he invented television. For poor people. Who can afford televisions.
  4. Buppy

    Tickets at LCA Holy Smokes Batman!!

    Owners do not drive the market. Demand does. Prices aren't too high, you're too poor.
  5. Buppy

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    He's more of a big Tatar, who doesn't use his size very much.
  6. Buppy

    Top 50 NHL Prospects

    So you're saying we're screwed with only five decent defensemen? Why are you counting out Malte Setkov already?
  7. In theory, a line like Bert/Abby-AA-Frk/Svech could be effective, but it would rely on AA finding the ability to create offense for his linemates rather than just himself. Also, at any given time someone is probably going to be hurt, so it'd be more like Glen-AA-Svech. I expect we'll see AA some at center, but mostly when one of the other centers is hurt. One of Turgeon/Holmstrom/Ehn will probably be the next Emmerton/Andersson, and the other two cast off. Hopefully Glendening's "replacement" will be Helm/Nielsen being pushed down the depth chart by Veleno (or maybe someone we draft next year).
  8. Buppy

    Top 50 NHL Prospects

  9. Unless he has made some major strides over the summer, AA is not suited for a 2nd line C role, particularly not with a rookie and a defensive liability for wingers. He'd be fine for a depth center role though, where he could be sheltered. But most likely Larkin, Nielsen, Helm, Glendening will be the centers if Z is done. We can do three scoring lines: AA-Larkin-Mantha Zadina-Nielsen-Nyquist Ras-Helm-Vanek Abby-Glen-Bert AA is probably better at this point than Bert, and Helm is a better center than AA. Probably even better to swap AA and Ras, but I think Ras should be eased in a bit. Four scoring lines would be even better but without Z I don't think we can pull it off.
  10. Buppy

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    You may want to re-read what I said.
  11. Buppy

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    Mantha normally plays his off wing anyway, but can play either, as can pretty much any winger ever. Zadina is listed as a LW, though I don't know for sure if he normally played the left side or not. But I would guess they wouldn't want Zadina and Mantha on the same line anyway. Only so many pucks to go around, balance is likely a better option.
  12. Buppy

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    Feds won the hardest shot at the all-star game one year. Really, in terms of pure physical ability and skill, he did almost everything better than almost everyone. But for whatever reason it didn't translate fully to points. Maybe his head, maybe his heart, or maybe just more focus on defense. For what it's worth, though the 90s, Feds was +229, Yzerman +164. No good way to judge what effect their linemates had in that, but we did get better on-ice results with Fedorov.
  13. Buppy

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years.

    Lol. Probably known since shortly after his dips*** comments in that Swedish paper. Holland called him up, like: "Hey Z, just wanted to let you know how sorry I was to hear about how crippling your back injury got next year." "What? My back's fi..." "Yeah, must be tough. Also, the internet's a thing, not sure if you knew that. Oh well, see you at your LTIRetirement party next fall."
  14. Buppy

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    During Yzerman's prime (the 7 years from 87-94) the only players to outscore him were Gretzky and Lemieux. Fedorov's peak scoring was from 90-96, when he was 10th. Yzerman was 7th over the same span. 4-year peak from 92-96 he was 6th, and over 3 years he got to 4th. Feds peak 3-year period he averaged 1.37 p/g, slightly better than Yzerman's peak 7-years (1.36, adjusted for league scoring average), but below his 3-year peak (1.44). Scoring-wise Yzerman wins hands down, if only for longevity. In terms of complete game, Fedorov might have an edge, but it's hard to say since it's so difficult to quantify all the other stuff, particularly intangibles like "leadership".
  15. Buppy

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Yeah, it's where you project him in this post. Earlier you'd said 30/60, but I'm sure you'll just say that was "max potential", or some other nonsense to make it look like you're not just yanking numbers out of your ass to fit whatever argument you're trying to make at the time. And it's seven months, not six. And if it wasn't a big deal, why'd you bring it up in regards to Veleno? I do believe it was a mistake. Just one that wouldn't have been made if you were making a well-reasoned argument instead of trying to avoid admitting that "not close to" was an exaggeration. Awful as the wordplay might have been, the "best/better" thing was in reference to this quote; "I'm not saying that the 2 or 3 players that were better than him, will go on to have more successful careers (I doubt any of them will), but they did have more productive seasons." So better, but not really better, you just meant they scored more points. But you couldn't say it that way because you said "3rd or 4th best" when you were trying to make him look bad relative to Mantha. While you didn't mention Vilardi by name, you did take yet another shot at the Ras pick: "for whatever reason they were determined to get bigger last year, even if it was at the expense of getting higher end skill". Let's not try to argue that it wasn't. This is why I tried to tell everyone freaking out about the pick last year that they shouldn't make a big deal about one stat from one season. Yet some still formed opinions based on it, and some of them will never change their minds, even though this really wasn't true this year. While most of his goal scoring comes on the PP, and it's probably fair to think he's a better PP goal scorer than an ES goal scorer, I don't think that's an important distinction. I would suggest it's probably being made more as an attempt to define "driving offense" in a way to make him look bad. His ES goal scoring isn't actually bad. In his draft year his ES G/60 was 1.23. 79th in the CHL, 15th among other 17 year olds. This year it slipped to .99, pretty low, but overall looks to be decent at ES, exceptional on the PP. Assists however, went the opposite way. Draft year was terrible: .61 assists/60, .31 primary assists/60. This year a/60 was 1.81. Tied for 34th in the CHL. primary 1.27. Tied for 22nd. Still a respectable 65 in the CHL in P1/60. 61st in P/60. Overall, just under 41% of his points came on the PP. Comparatively, Mantha's final junior year was just under 37%. Or maybe Mantha doesn't drive offense either. Vilardi was under 32%. Veleno was over 45%. Guess he won't be driving anything. 230th in the CHL in ES P1/60.