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  1. Buppy

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Like Toby says; 35+ clause. Even if we'd have terminated the contract, we'd still have had the cap hit since he was over 35. Not really, I'm sure it'd be pretty rare for both sides in a contract to agree to terminate. Maybe it could lead to making the cap recapture rule apply to any contract rather than just long-term, but besides that the NHL has no reason to care. Vadim Shipachyov's contract was terminated last year; no one batted an eye at that.
  2. Buppy

    2021 Expansion Draft

    To explain, or possibly add to, the confusion....until fairly recently Nielsen was shown to still have a NMC. That was probably just a mistake on the part of CapFriendly, and they cleaned it up when they started adding the expansion stuff. Or it could be wrong now.
  3. Buppy

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Interesting info there. Apparently we could recall Veleno after the WJC. Not that I think we will, or should.
  4. Buppy

    2019 Draft

    Outside of the top guys, I'm liking Caufield. I don't know about 10th overall, but I'd at least have him in the conversation there.
  5. Buppy

    2021 Expansion Draft

    It's "professional seasons", not "NHL seasons", so Zadina will need protection. Though we shouldn't have any trouble doing that.
  6. Buppy

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    He's going to play 'til he IS 1000. Decrepit skeleton monster skating around on sharpened metatarsals, Mia Khalifa's ghost living in his rib cage, go to celly is devouring the soul of the goalie he scored on...how you supposed to stop that? Magic sword? Good luck with that. 50000 goals at least.
  7. Buppy

    Mark Stone

    Obviously trading this year's 1st would require some type of lottery protection, but otherwise that would be a good trade for both sides. Unfortunately, given the Karlsson trade, it's pretty obvious that Ottawa doesn't want to trade in division. We'd have to add something substantial. Sucks because I think Stone would be a fantastic fit here, and I doubt he'll make it to UFA for us to even have a chance.
  8. Buppy

    DD out multiple weeks

    Daley is expected back next week. Better for Hronek to stay in GR than 3rd pair/possible scratch, fighting Cholo and Green for PP time and being forced to PK.
  9. Buppy

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Who do you think you're talking about? His ELC expired 3 years ago. He's on a standard contract which just happens to be ELC priced because he isn't good. He's a fringe NHLer who will be 26 by the end of the year, with 29 points in 85 NHL games. The defensive prowess of Vanek combined with the offensive ability of a slightly worse Helm. The way he was going in TO, a pay cut was more likely than a raise, much less a raise to $3M. Whomever TO signs to fill that spot will cost as much as they would have offered Leivo. "Most" also lack an understanding of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Very important part of hockey.
  10. Buppy

    Helm and Rasmussen

    It's one of life's great mysteries. The value is in figuring it out for yourself. If I have to tell you the answer, you aren't ready to hear it. You're confused. You can post it any time you want, just like I can call it stupid any time I want. It's, like, one of the top 8 perks of freedom.
  11. Buppy

    Helm and Rasmussen

    Yep, made it my priority just for you, because it is technically wrong. We were talking about him possibly being there before the draft. You can go back and look. And yes, I'm mostly talking about a minor point in your post. The rest of it is generic drivel, and even if it's accurate it doesn't mean anything because it's only been two months. I'm not going to watch what I'm guessing is probably less than an hour of his play and think it makes me qualified to make an accurate assessment of his future. His floor is where he is now, and his ceiling according to experts is "elite scorer". My point is it's ok to get excited about a kid's potential, and talk about kids optimistically. That's not over-hyping anything, nor does it justify "disappointment" after 16 games.
  12. Buppy

    Helm and Rasmussen

    Your narrative is somewhat skewed. For one, let's stop acting like Zadina was a first overall pick. Despite the perfectly justified excitement, he wasn't expected to be a star from day 1. Pretty much all the scouting reports had him borderline NHL-ready at best, as is the case with almost every top player. He got some notice from world juniors, but by the draft he and Tkachuk were considered similar, a tier below Dahlin and Svechnikov. Kotkaniemi was a late riser, under the radar most of the season before getting a ton of hype close to the draft. Usually a guy like that most years. Kind of a stretch to say Zadina really "fell" in the draft. Two of the five taken ahead of him were always expected to be, a 3rd could have gone either way, and a 4th was a late-riser who was also selected largely because of position. The only guy that was a true reach was Hayton, who was also position based and taken ahead of several other players ranked ahead of him besides Zadina. There were also those defensemen who could have easily gone top-5 if a team had been more in need. To say anyone is "massively" anything after 10-20 games is ridiculous. Tkachuk has had a few good games. Kotka has been alright, but hardly a game-breaker. Svech was actually supposed to be a day-1 guy and he's only been OK. Even Dahlin isn't that remarkable. Zadina has played 16 games as a pro, and has 10 points. He's not really struggling. No more than any of the dozen or so players who might have been able to make an NHL roster this year, but fell short. Take a look at players drafted in the 3-6 range over the past couple decades. If you were expecting a star out of the gate, or even just an obvious future star, then you weren't paying attention. You let yourself get caught up in the hype you're now trying to project on everyone else. People who know so much more than you that you literally aren't even capable of understanding how much more they know have said Zadina has elite potential. He does. Odds are he won't make it. That's not a prediction, nor analysis, nor pessimism. It's just reality. Most prospects don't hit their potential. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't get excited about potential, or should start doubting it if it isn't reached in the first couple months.
  13. Buppy

    2019 Off-Season

    In the matrix of life, we're all just dots. Universal printing technology is very outdated. Too complicated, I got bored halfway through #3. I unvoted for you. Keep your platform simple: Genocide 2020
  14. Buppy

    2019 Off-Season

    I feel like the appropriate response to this would be a video montage of Dustin Hoffman saying "Wrong" over and over again. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell no such thing exists, so now I'm disappointed in the world. Thanks a lot.
  15. Buppy

    2019 Off-Season

    Makes no sense. How would I be "lined up" when I'm only one person? Use your head. I'd be more of a dot than a line; at least when viewed from an overhead angle. Also: Rude. And after I voted for you in the last election, too. Granted it was for a spot on the Oakland County Community College board of trustees, who, I know for a fact, do not get firing squad privileges, and you came in last, and CristopherReevesLegs is probably not even your real name, but still.