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  1. Buppy

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Nothing flawed about it at all. Literally all it means is that he went against expectations. Whatever negative connotations you want to attach to that is your issue.
  2. Buppy

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Well, duh. No one is ever a reach from the perspective of the person making the pick. You can respect Yzerman's opinion and still acknowledge that it was significantly different than the norm. Also, in the final rankings from the popular lists, Seider's average ranking was 17th. 10 out of 14 (not counting NHLCS due to lack of combined list) had him between 9 and 18. I know you're having fun thinking you were one of the few believers in Seider, but the fact is you were right in line with the prevailing opinion. Yzerman didn't validate your opinion, he said you were wrong.
  3. Buppy

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Except it wasn't just the media. ISS had him at #17. NHLCS had him as #6 Euro skater (and 4th Euro defenseman). McKenzie's list is derived from polling NHL scouts and had him #16. "Reach" just means going against the prevailing opinion. You seem to think it means people think he's a bad player. It doesn't and no one thought that (except maybe Scott Wheeler). Doesn't even necessarily mean it's a bad pick. Like I said in the draft thread, it's not that big a difference. It's not like everyone else had him going in the 4th round. Every list has a player or three ranked a bit different than the "norm". Reaching with a high pick, I think it's a little more important to be right, but even if he's a complete bust I wouldn't say it would make it that much worse. Hindsight means only so much when looking at a single pick. ... 4. Filip Forsberg, Right Wing, Leksands-Allsvenskan ... 23. Slater Koekkoek, Defense, Peterborough-OHL
  4. Buppy

    News From Around the NHL

    Security only buys you so much. Hard to imagine a 25yo being so concerned for their future that they'd give you a discount for longer term, while at the same time being unconcerned enough not to worry about their ability to get another contract after. From their perspective, a 3 year contract is the best option. The longer you go over that, the closer you'll need to be to what they think they could make as UFAs. Mantha and AA at least could get $5M for a short-term deal, you're not getting 8 years at that rate unless they really want to be here.
  5. Buppy

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    The average fan is never going to look at anything more than stat lines and other people's rankings. And obviously there are a lot more people covering NA teams and prospects, and it's much easier to find games to watch, so obviously there's going to be more complete information about more top NA prospects, particularly compared to the lower level hockey countries in Europe. The fact that Seider had as much buzz as he did coming from Germany and putting up no stats kind of works against your point. You praise the depth of the Dobber Prospects analysis, but they ranked Seider in the same range as pretty much everyone else...still behind all the "consensus" top guys. Pronman had him down in the 20s, but he also had Broberg at #9, so clearly his scoring in Europe had nothing to do with it. Just a fairly small difference in opinion, same as what happens outside the top few picks every year. Wings fans, or at least Yzerman fans, seem to have this desperation to prove to themselves that Seider was some genius pick; that Yzerman didn't reach; that the rest of the hockey world is just stupid. It's not only a grossly inaccurate depiction of what other people actually thought about Seider (which is that he's a really good player with high-end potential, but that there were maybe another 10 kids, give or take a few, who were more likely to turn out better), but it's also creating so much ridiculous hype around him that half the fan base is going to hate him if he turns out to be a Hampus Lindholm-level player.
  6. Buppy

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Unless by "no one", you mean "a lot of fans, who shouldn't be expected to know any better", this isn't true at all. I think the "Seider was a reach at #6" talk obscures the fact that he was still ranked as a mid-to-late first rounder. Everyone knew he was a good player. Even people who call him a reach. A player can be both. The question isn't "is he good", it's "is he better than Cozens, Zegras, Caufield, Boldy, Podkolzin, Broberg, York, Krebs, Newhook?" The context of his scoring is absolutely taken into account. No chance at all he would have been considered a first-rounder if he'd had the same stats in any NA league, or people didn't think there was more to his game. Podkolzin and Broberg were also highly regarded despite low production in Europe/Russia. Same for Boqvist last year. Even going way back to Ovie and Malkin, there's obviously a very different standard for European scoring.
  7. Buppy

    News From Around the NHL

    That's dumb. If the Keller deal were to set the market, then any good players would cost just as much. Can't be a cheapskate, trading away anyone good before you have to pay them, and expect to build anything. If the market says our guys would cost more than we think, all it would mean is that maybe we'd have to get rid of a bad contract or two in order to sign a good UFA or two. Beyond that, Keller just turned 21 and has 114 points in 167 games. Larkin is comparable, not the other guys. In fact he's well ahead of Larkin's production at that age. If anything, this deal should keep the cost of our guys down, since none of them are anywhere near as good. Larkin signed for 5 years and could hit UFA before his 27th birthday. Keller gave up 3 extra years of his prime, and has performed better at this point. It's a risky deal, but not necessarily a bad one, and could easily be a huge bargain. At their age, long-term deals for our kids probably wouldn't get you any appreciable discount. May even cost more. Looking for a new contract at 34 would be much tougher than at 30. They could very well ask for a premium if they're giving you pretty much the rest of their career.
  8. Buppy

    News From Around the NHL

    Yeah, they won't be able to bring all three back. They do have Sandin and Liljegren in the AHL though
  9. Buppy

    News From Around the NHL

    It does, but at the same time the contract still counts toward the cap. It's not any net gain. e.g. With Clarkson on LTIR they can spend up to $86.75M, and they have ~$85.35M committed. Without Clarkson on the books at all they can only spend $81.5M, but their committed amount is only ~$80.1M.
  10. Buppy

    News From Around the NHL

    No. LTIR only lets them use the cap space devoted to those guys for something else. When those contracts come off the books, they won't need the LTIR anymore, since that money will already be free.
  11. Buppy

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Wouldn't have had one.
  12. Buppy

    News From Around the NHL

    I don't disagree with the assessment of Puljujarvi, but how is Svech any better? Your argument for that seems to rely on the fact that Svech hasn't yet been considered good enough to get extended NHL time and that his injury cost him a full season instead of just half. Svech looked good in his first AHL season. Good enough that he should have challenged for a spot with the Wings the next year. Instead he regressed badly, got a late call-up anyway but did next to nothing with it, nor in the AHL after, then missed an entire season with a wrecked knee. Reclamation project is his middle name. I'd rather not give up even bad picks/prospects for Pulju, but I'd definitely take him over Svech.
  13. Buppy

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    Helm, as mentioned, and also Abby and Howard both played in 07-08. E, Abby, and Howard didn't play in the playoffs though.
  14. Buppy

    Howard = Average

    Howard is not a good goalie, even average is debatable at this point, and he'll be 36. He might still be able to put together a good run, but he should not be considered a reliable performer anymore. Time to move on. Yes, upgrades in other areas could potentially have a similar impact, and we can and should look for those upgrades as well. It's not the dilemma you seem to think it is, mostly because goalies just don't cost as much as you think. (I doubt Lehner will cost much over $6M unless he has another huge season.) We have a lot of cap space, quite probably more than we'll be able to spend. And that's without even trying to get rid of any of our crap.
  15. Buppy

    Hall of Fame Boards

    I'm perplexed by "helment". Three times in one post, so he really thinks that's how it's spelled. I don't understand how that can happen.