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  1. Izzy24

    March 26, 1997....

    This is very disrespectful. Are you unaware he also scored the GWG in game 4 of the finals that year?
  2. Izzy24

    March 26, 1997....

    Why do you hate Red Wings legend Darren McCarty?
  3. Was that even a fight? Should be 2 each for delay of game.
  4. Izzy24

    Larry Murphy Returns to FS-D

  5. Izzy24

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    How many other teams does Tatar need to be traded to before he isn't at the top of the page here?
  6. Has anyone mentioned the most important factor? Also, what's to stop 2008 Chelios from being better than 2002 Chelios, while simultaneously 2002 Chelios being better than 2008 Chelios?
  7. Izzy24

    The Hudler Factor

    He's making Izzy Stradlin proud.
  8. Izzy24

    Chelios Released from Duties

    What's to stop Chelios from changing his mind?
  9. Izzy24

    Chelios Released from Duties

    Sad times.
  10. Izzy24

    Detroit's first rounder.

    Is all this true?
  11. Izzy24

    Chelios Blasts Mike Babcock

    What's to stop Chelios from holding a grudge forever?
  12. Izzy24

    Steve Ott signs 1 year, $800k deal with Detroit

    Darren McCarty. Also, love the Drake!
  13. Izzy24

    Steve Ott signs 1 year, $800k deal with Detroit

    I'm with you, Grimey.
  14. Izzy24

    LGW Moderator Problems

    I came to check on the arena name thread after a few days, and it's closed! Y'all have gotten out of control with this. Do the moderators/administrators even want people to post here anymore? I know the site is already a shell of its former self, are you trying to finish it off?