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Win rate when Wings receive a FM

27 December 2011 - 02:30 PM

I was sitting around the other day wondering if there was any correlation between fighting majors and winning games. After some thought I decided to take a look at the numbers.

Below are the season by season breakdown accompanied by the total # of fighting majors, and the % of games won when the Wings had a FM.

It's nothing crazy, but it seems as though - for the most part at least, that we have a decent winning percentage in games in which a Wing drops the mitts. The exception of course being 09-10.

The numbers in the parenthesis is the total % of games won when the Wings incurred a FM

*I did not include pre-season games, I stuck to regular season and playoff games only.

2006-07: 12 FM -- (67% win rate)
2007-08: 22 FM -- (55% win rate)
2008-09: 16 FM -- (69% win rate)
2009-10: 21 FM -- (48% win rate)
2010-11: 14 FM -- (71% win rate)
2011-12: 04 FM -- (100% win rate)

The actual win rate has nothing to do with who won the actual fight, rather, how the team fared in the contest.

I am not trolling, I am only posting this because I spent 2 hours doing it (slow day at work) and I didn't want it to go to waste. So take this as nothing more then food for thought. I am not advocating for an "enforcer" or anything like that. I love the team we have and if I could pick one part to add, it would be a top 6 sniper.