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#2038168 9/29 Pre-season GDT: Red Wings at New York Rangers

Posted by Dynheart on 29 September 2010 - 06:49 PM

Hate to say this, but if it were Ozzie in the net this thread would be singing a diffrent tune (remember the pens game? 3 goals in 20 shots...in the first period alone. no love from this site).

Anyway, hopfully Howie can get bounce back. Regardless if they were screens defelctions or not, a save would be nice (just keeping the same expecations that are expected for Ozzie).

Now that-that's out of my system. I think this game is a wash...We are running 1/4 of an NHL line up with no star players, Just work on staying healthy.

#2029237 Osgood

Posted by Dynheart on 25 August 2010 - 05:41 PM

Not your typical "Osbad" topic. I was just sitting here thinking all the flak this poor guy gets because he's not on the same level as Broduer, Roy, Lundqvist etc etc...
Seeing as how the other teams are starting to catch on to Hollands mind set with goalies (Stacked defense and goalie to get the job done) without success, it makes you wonder. Is Osgood as bad as most people say he is? Think about it. Not many, if at all, teams make it far, let alone the play-offs, with a "cheap" goalie. They just cannot get it done. Ozzie being one of those "cheap" goalies just to get the job done, and looking at his success', even in the regular season (past couple years been hard on him...can't beat the clock) he seems better than just a cheap option.

Is he elite? Nope. But He's a damn good goaltender in my book, especially looking back the last 4-5 years with how other teams adapting to the stacked D and servicable goalie. He probably wont get it now, but I sure how the man gets his due respect after he retires. The guy has been hazed hardcore.

#1949810 Ozzy for game 4?

Posted by Dynheart on 18 April 2010 - 05:29 PM

To watch Osgood do just as bad? This team has one option in goal and his name is Jimmy Howard. It's glaringly obvious and it doesn't matter who you have allegiances to.

Two Cups while playing, one while watching.

Not really a "fan" of any player on the team. But I have seen your replies. You will stop at anything to give a quick jab towards Osgood. You would think he would have shut up people like you after all these years. Guess not, though. Shoot 'em while their down. I guess you may have forgotten that Osgood played, cold...and rusty...agaist a hot Philly team. Not to mention they are playing desperate to make the play-offs and also are a high scoring team. He only let in 3 goals. So I think he could get it done once he gets warmed up. All he needs is 1 period.

Seriously though, I believe you, and like a few others, would rather see the Wings fail in the 1st round to get Howard some experience than the possiblity Osgood taking this team to another possible cup run. And nobody here knows if he can do it or not...Christ I just wish the fans would just root for the team than an individual.

#1932188 Osgood to start Sunday

Posted by Dynheart on 04 April 2010 - 02:49 PM

I love how people who do not play professional hockey can sit there and say 'even though he hasn't played in 3 months it's no excuse". Practice is a totally diffrent beast then the actual game. I think Ozzie played OK considering how long he has been cold. Plus the team played like garbage...and just to remind people who say Howard would have won...the wings played better yesterday than they did today and he still let in 4 goals.

Doesn't matter, though. People will hate. People will talk like they belong in the hall of fame, and have what it takes to be a pro hockey player.

The reason why I'm saying this is people expected Ozzie to come in and light it up. I knew he wasn't going to, regardless of how much he practices (totally diffrent environment). Alot of things could take place: Confidence, nerves...getting a rythm. 1 full game in three months will not give you those three key things. This actually applies to ALL sports (I used to bowl...stopped playing when I was averaging 231, played about 7 months later. LOL barely broke 150. Took a couple of weeks to get back into the groove).

Anyway, kudos to Ozzie for finishing the game strong (he DID get better as the game went along).

#1919983 Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous ?

Posted by Dynheart on 20 March 2010 - 07:56 PM

Why does everyone assume this. He hasn't yet and no one knows what he is capable of.

I'll anwser with my opinion. To me it's not the physical aspect, but the mental aspect. This is a part of the game which people clearly under estimate. Really, it's with every sport. You see I'm a bowler and, I can tell you from experience, that when you're on strike 11 going for 12...all I can say is that I blew so many 300s that way. Nervous...shakey...doesn't matter how many times you get there, it's all the same feeling. Some handle it some don't. I eventaully got my first 300...problem solved. This is hockey, though...faster, frantic...WAYYY more physical. So I can only imagine what the what it does to somebody, let alone a rookie, when he does infact get there.

Other than that I believe he's an awesome goalie, but I question the mental toughness, not the physcial...and that's all to be honest. All we can do is wait and see.

#1919976 Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous ?

Posted by Dynheart on 20 March 2010 - 07:49 PM

It would be disappointing but if we make the playoffs and even get to the second round it will still exceed expectations.

I'll give you that...troofs!

#1919947 Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous ?

Posted by Dynheart on 20 March 2010 - 07:09 PM

I believe the goalie situation has been handle poorly this season. Jimmy was on earlier in the season, but he's been inconsistant since the break. He maybe young and can handle the workload like Marty does, but one thing that people totally under estimate...no it's not physical toughness, it's mental toughness. A couple of bad games for a rookie, especially one he maybe resposible for (bad goals)...they start to add up, and doubt sets in.

Babcock should have rested Howie a few games when he was ON, not when he's slumping, but even so, the kid isn't getting a break when he's slumping.
That will have a lasting effect for the rest of the season, garanteed. With that doubt/question in the back of his head...going into the play-offs, if we get there, will spell doom for the kid...most likely be branded a "he's a good goalie who isn't a pressure player". Once that stigma sticks, it's hard not to think about it. This is where Ozzie, IMO, will probably be one of the best goalies in modern hockey. Sure he's a small guy (less net covered), sure he's not as athletic due to the fact he's been a stand-up goalie for 95% of his career (which I might add going butterfly was a bad idea for him...that's just me, though), but the man has heart AND has mental toughness like no other. Nothing bothers this guy, be from critics or fans. When they doubt him, he has the mental toughness to prove people wrong (which you would think people on this board, and most of the fans in general whould learn to never count him out...he's proven people wrong so many times in his career). This is why he's such a good play-off goalie. He's plays better with the pressure on him...that's how some people are wired. Just look at his stats (do NOT compare his stats from 10 years ago to todays goalies...he was above average, and pretty close to top 7 when you compare him to goalies of that era.

Anyway, my point is, play Ozzie more and give Howie a rest. Give Howie the start in the play-offs? Probably. The torch needs to be passed eventually, but if we run into an other Hasek situation, you want a warmed up and oiled goaile ready to play. Right now? All Ozzie has seen is a few games in releif (which fans want him to win us a 5-1 deficit by the time he comes in) and like 1 start in almost 3 months? That's bad goalie managegment imo. /shrug