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In Topic: ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

22 April 2014 - 08:13 PM

Sure would be nice to have filpulla instead of Samuelson Weiss and cleary wasting cap space.

In Topic: ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

22 April 2014 - 07:40 PM

Say what you want about that first goal, but they let him walk right into the zone on that power play. You can't let them do that. Way too easy.

In Topic: ECQF - Series C - Penguins versus Blue Jackets

20 April 2014 - 11:34 AM

I hate Crosby as much as anyone else. However, the refs didn't favor anyone in that game. Two penalties were missed and very very bad ones. A Slew-foot and a stick to the nuts.

Well that little girl needs to learn a lesson or two or 10 so unless someone stabbed him with their skate I couldn't care less what calls got missed on him.

In Topic: 4/18 ECQF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 1 @ Bruins 0. DET leads series 1-0

20 April 2014 - 10:13 AM

I think she's the gal on the left...She could really make use of a paper bag :paperbag3:

Jeez. That is probably the scariest thing I have seen. And those are the people on twitter. Just saying. Also, anyone ever notice how some people from Boston look like they have a touch of something? Like seriously like there is a mental issue there? Just look at that girls eyes if you can get past the teeth. Something not right there. And I hooked up with this girl in Nashville and she had a friend from Boston and I'm pretty sure there was something wrong with her too. She had that crazy look in her eye and bad teeth too. There's something wrong with those people there I swear.

In Topic: Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

19 April 2014 - 08:37 PM

Regular season is behind us and we won the Presidents Trophy while others just made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth 2 years in a row. Now you're about to see what will happen to you in the 1st round, like you guys have done to Nashville. We were down 0-2 to the Habs in 2011 and won that series...we went 7 games with Tampon Bay and won that series...we went 7 against the Canucks and won the Cup. So I'm not worried about home ice advantage. We ran the tables then and we'll do it this time.

Yeah, they struggled with Montreal, Tampa bay and Vancouver. When was the last time any of those teams won it all? Tampa was the most recent before the salary cap. They're playing a real team now, and they couldn't do anything with s***cago last year. Not to mention they let Tyler seguin go. That was real smart. Boston will be playing golf and watching the Sawx at Fenway in another week. Snapple Fact.