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Who has better future: Blues or Wings?

20 May 2011 - 09:58 PM

In case some people don't recognize me, I'm a Blues fan that has spent some time on your forum because I like to talk hockey with knowledgeable fans. I also would like to say that your team deserves a ton of credit for that spirited battle in the Sharks series. I know it sucks to lose (look what team I follow), but you should take consolation that the Sharks are run-down and about to be taken out permanently.

Back to the topic at hand. Every year Blues fans say that the Wings dominance is coming to an end because they're getting older, Lidstrom will soon be finished, lack of goaltending, etc, but it never happens. I have to think that my team is going to have a big year, and if Berglund, Oshie, Petro, Shattenkirk, and Halak take the next step, look out. We also have a Russian coming in named Tarasenko that's been hyped like no future Blue I've ever seen before. Our future truly is as bright as ever.

On the down side, Oshie has off-ice issues, Perron may not be back, and I'm not sold on Halak personally. What I would like to know is how you fans feel about your current personnel and the farm system. Will the NHL continue to see Detroit dominate, or are they running out of gas?

Just curious to hear what you guys have to say and maybe how you feel about the Blues and their future.

Blues fan here, can I offer some perspective?

31 March 2011 - 10:47 PM

Hey guys. I just got done reading the GDT from last night's game, and wanted to make a few comments.

First off, that was obviously a great game for us Blues fans to watch. To score 10 goals against any NHL team is quite a feat, but to do it to Detroit, in Detroit nonetheless, was remarkable. I must say though, that I am rather surprised at some of the comments in the GDT thread. I never thought I would see Red Wings fans question the leadership qualities of Lidstrom, or question the toughness of Franzen. There seemed to be a ton of negativity for just 1 game. For a minute there, I thought I was reading a Blues GDT.

I can understand the irrational posts after such a blowout, but you guys get a high seed in the playoffs, while we go home again. We'll trade you if you want? We have a concussed great young player that has shown no inclination that he'll be cleared to play, a very erratic goaltending tandem, players missing practices, a drunken golf cart injury that was the beginning of the end for a #1 overall, no playoffs 5 out of 6 years, and last but certainly not least, a dirt cheap payroll from an ownership that desperately wants out.

This thread was only created so that you Red Wings fans can appreciate what you have. Talk to you later and good luck in the playoffs.

From all Blues fans...

27 February 2011 - 11:50 AM

...best of luck to Shawn Burr in fighting this horrible disease. It would be way too soon losing another Wing. I just want the great Detroit fans to know we are thinking about Mr. Burr and praying for a speedy recovery. God bless.