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  1. Remember that year when we were something like 0-10 in shootouts? So happy to have shaken that off, hopefully it's Toronto that's taken that from us.
  2. Gerard Gallant was doomed from the start of the season with the management change, their differences in approach (to my understanding new management wanted to run via analytics) and injuries to rub salt in the wound.
  3. Smith looked good on that goal
  4. If Detroit manages to stay competitive we'll be calling Toronto a big rival again soon. Considering the history I think that's pretty exciting.
  5. Let's try and remember that the original Euro twins took time to have a major impact in the playoffs as well. Zetterberg wasn't an impact player in the playoffs until 05-06 (3rd season), Datsyuk 07 (6th season). There's definitely a learning curve in the playoffs.
  6. Lebda Leino Emdog Commodore Avery Glendening, Kindl with the hon. mentions
  7. I would argue that Fedorov was generational. One of the Russians who paved the way for others with his defect, one of the best 2-way players and skaters ever, key piece of the Red Wings' dynasty.
  8. SKA St. Petersburg has our prospect, Kadeykin. Hope some of Datsyuks magic rubs off!
  9. What the hell former Wings draft pick Quine has 2 goals and an assist with 7 games played in his career... cmon Kenny The year he was re-entered into the draft (aka the year we didn't sign him) he had 41 points in 28gp...
  10. GDT

    Smith's been the only noticeably good dman out there. Let's feed off of this
  11. GDT

    The difference between our PP and theirs is astounding
  12. GDT

    The fact that AA is only on the ice like 3 times a period is a digrace
  13. GDT

    Howard's position has been awful we're lucky it isn't 5-2
  14. GDT

    That last PP was the worst PP I've seen in my entire life (that didn't give up a shorty)