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Aussie_WingZ and D for the C

Nice avatar mate, probably just better than the old Flip one!! :P
Oct 27 2011 03:10 AM

Kindl SurpriseAussie_Wing

Haven't had the time to get around to we can be heroes but what I've seen of it so far looks good! Also a big John Butler Trio (I guess I'm just listing off Australian stuff that I like now haha)
Oct 08 2011 05:47 PM

Aussie_WingKindl Surprise

Summer Heights High is just hilarious, Mr.G is the best character ever. Angry Boys had a slow start, but the last 6 or 7 episodes were brilliant, and the ending was superb. Have you seen We Can Be Heroes? Really enjoyed that too.
Sep 21 2011 07:00 AM

Kindl SurpriseAussie_Wing

Thanks man! Aussie wing, eh? I love Australia and it's exports haha. I'm a huge fan of Summer Heights High and Angry boys.
Sep 20 2011 11:00 AM

Aussie_WingKindl Surprise

'Kindl Surprise'! So good! :lol:
Sep 15 2011 12:09 AM

Aussie_WingAndy Pred 48

Hey mate! The Adelaide Adrenaline as theyre now known won the championship last year!! Greg Oden is still playing and tearing it up, I believe hes the captain. Weve got a few international imports, Russian Zolaterevn and Fin Sami Mantere. Weve also got this 16 y/o from Canada by the name of Carson Sinclair. Theyll be a good chance to defend their title next season.
Jul 27 2010 09:39 AM

Andy Pred 48Aussie_Wing

hi ya just wondered if the Aussie league was still up and running? we had the Oddy brothers play over here in UK a few years back and they took a few local lads to play back down under. I think they went to the Avalanche in your home town. Anyway all the best mate looking forward to the new season all ready, hoping Tatar gets called up this year. Andy.
Jul 25 2010 10:20 AM


Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Apr 22 2010 03:05 AM


Happy Birthday! GO WINGS!!!
Apr 19 2010 02:19 AM


You're a mod now mate? It was pretty clear you were always going to be a mod, gun poster and thoroughly deserved!
Sep 16 2008 09:12 AM