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    I still feel Vanek needs to get top 6. Problem is, your 3rd line will consist of Sheahan and Helm. Not the most offensive minded line mates. So putting any offensively minded shooter (Vanek, Nyquist, Tatar) would seriously hinder their output. IMO those two should be 4th line with Glendening, eliminating the need for Miller and or Ott. I could enjoy a bottom 6 of: Nyquist - AA - Mantha Sheahan- Glendening - Helm Not that I'm a Helm fan all of a sudden, but he's here, signed and at that price needs to play and earn his salary. Top 6: Tatar - Nielsen - Vanek Zetterberg - Larkin - Abby Jurco and Pulkkinen can be dealt with when they're healthy. If Frk impresses in camp, I'd send Miller to GR and keep Frk and Ott up.
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    Be very very happy if Vanek scores 50 points. That's best case scenario I predict he gets sheltered by Blashill but solidifies the third line and PP The constant change up of lines especially on the PP has to stop. Blashill has plenty of options at forward he needs to find something that will stick