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  1. joesuffP

    Zadina Says It

    I think Wings were going to take Bouchard if Zadina never fell so I’m keeping an eye on his development
  2. joesuffP

    Zadina Says It

    Making excuses. Kind of has a bad attitude. Also his logic doesn’t really make sense when his line mates had success and he did not
  3. joesuffP

    2018 Prospects Watch

    My jimmies will always be rustled between the pro-tankers and the people that try to defy greatness
  4. joesuffP

    2018 Prospects Watch

    This zadina gimmick is so lame
  5. joesuffP

    Helm and Rasmussen

    Looked like he separated his shoulder pretty badly
  6. Mantha has been exactly as advertised on his draft day
  7. But imagine if Larkin had wingers that can score. He’s getting it done playing primarily with wingers that have a combined 9 points. Now that the second line is producing it would be cool to see AA with Larkin
  8. joesuffP

    Moose vs. Mantha

    My point is his skill at deflecting pucks and his size allows him to be immovable and he has a great attitude. He understands that’s how he’s going to score. Something Mantha hasn’t grasped yet
  9. They really think passes can just go through opposing players like it’s on rookie mode. And the other player just waits for the pass right behind a defender. It probably works in practice all the time
  10. joesuffP

    Moose vs. Mantha

    His ability in front of the goalie screening and tipping shots. With his size and sense around the net it’s a proven and sustainable way to score a lot in the NHL. One of the few players in the organization with a skill that could be considered elite. It could be a super effective specialty that no team has. It’s always effective and can’t be gameplanned for. I’m thinking he can be the best the league has ever seen-better than Holmstrom in front of the net
  11. joesuffP

    Moose vs. Mantha

    I’m a big Rasmussen fan. He has a unique skill set that mixed with his size is something the league hasn’t really seen before. Could put up huge numbers and adds a whole dynamic to a line Mantha is what he is at this point. Around 25 goals a year. Could break 30 in prime years with a good centermen but fans shouldn’t bank on it. He hasn’t been a dominant player ever in his pro career Both good pieces
  12. joesuffP

    Mantha is Lazy and He Sucks

    This board talks about other posters more than hockey. This is what happens when people live vicariously through their favorite players they become way too emotional and can’t discuss things with logic. Mantha was a train wreck to start the season and has been better in the last two games but has had some bad luck. He’ll come around. It’s also completely reasonable to think 25 goal seasons may be his peak. Other than juniors, his resume suggests nothing special.
  13. I think just by the ole’ eye ball test that Villi has better offensive upside while both will be pretty bad defensively at the NHL level. I think Sarijaarvi gets overlooked because of his height. I think he’s the more dynamic dman
  14. I think Sarijaarvi will be better than Hronek
  15. At this point it’s worth a shot seeing if Bylsma could muster a little more out of this roster. Blashill may still become a good coach but something must be done because we’re seeing assets become worthless