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  1. joesuffP

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    The PP will be overhauled so Mantha’s position may change. But as far as 5 on 5 play goes I don’t think Mantha is forced to play a net front role by Blashill. It may just seem like that because that’s where he scores the majority of his goals. And has anyone ever though maybe that Mantha likes to play around the net?
  2. joesuffP

    Rumors Thread

    It would be ridiculous to not have Hronek on the team considering the glaring need and what he did in his first year pro plus the logjam on D in GR
  3. joesuffP

    Rumors Thread

    Happy with what management has been saying all offseason
  4. joesuffP

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Mantha is the only guy that can score on the PP as he is utilized. His PP numbers are great especially for how terrible the team is on the PP
  5. joesuffP

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Just trying to stir up s*** you know. I think it’s just a case of when fans are a fan of a player and they don’t turn out to be all that. I also get a little annoyed people think Blashill is one of the worst coaches in the league. Same people thought Baba was way overrated. I think blash has done a fine job. Made some mistakes as he is very inexperienced but has improved each year (maybe not with wins but I see improvement)
  6. joesuffP

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    This is the official list of players that were ruined by coaching according to LGW : Brendan Smith Thomas Jurco Petr Mrazek Andreas Anthansiou ? Laying the foundation for Mantha when he never hits that 50 goal season mark
  7. joesuffP

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    I would just be worried up a guy that’s suddenly stopped doing something where he scored 80 percent of his goals
  8. joesuffP

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    I think he’ll have the easiest time scoring goals hovering around the crease and being that immovable object. That’s how he gets engaged and where he’s had consistent success. He has a great shot but he’s far from an elite sniper where he can just set up in the circles. He’ll find that balance because I believe he can be a really good possession player too. Blashill isn’t forbidding Mantha from leaving the front of the net. He’s free to play his game until he floats around looking for a pass. Because he has no impact on the game when he does this Check out his goals scored on youtube the last two years
  9. joesuffP

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Yes we need more perimeter players. Guys who score 30+ in the NHL don’t play on the perimeter
  10. joesuffP

    2018-2019 Opening Night Roster - Dedicated to BlueAdams!

    Yeah I think Ottawa will be the worst team in the league. If Carey Price bounces back then Montreal should improve but Holland is trying to win and these teams are trying to lose. I respect this approach but it’s frustrating to watch these teams get rewarded. Wings only hope is for goaltending to really s*** the bed which is entirely possible. I still hate to see the young guys not lead to some form of team success. It’s a double edged sword
  11. joesuffP

    Wings Get Filip Zadina! (HYPE! Thread)

    Absolutely. Such a great mix of speed, size and skill. Checks all the boxes at forward
  12. joesuffP

    Wings Get Filip Zadina! (HYPE! Thread)

    Zadina-Hughes-Rasmussen Bertuzzi-Larkin-Mantha Svechnikov-Veleno-Anthanisou
  13. joesuffP

    2018-2019 Opening Night Roster - Dedicated to BlueAdams!

    I think Ras is penciled in for the top six. Anyone playing in the bottom six will have a hard time putting up points, especially a rookie that the team is counting on to impress as a rookie
  14. joesuffP

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years.

    I think Nielsen is a capable 2C. He kind of got screwed with his role on this team being used as a shut down player. With PP time and better line mates he’ll bounce back to his 50 point form. Move Helm back to center and maybe these overpaid guys can bounce back and become tradeable. Bertuzzi-Larkin-Mantha Rasmussen-Nielsen-Nyquist Anthanisou-Helm-Vanek Abdelkader-Glendening-Frk Pretty ugly and will looks even worse after the deadline. Replacing Nyquist and Vanek with Zadina and Svechnikov will be nice to see but it’s going to be a mess for a while. I think Svechnikov needs to get the Mantha treatment and get his s*** together in the AHL
  15. joesuffP

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    I actually like AA and seeing how he develops is one of my biggest interests for next season. Some fans saying Blashill is dumb because he doesn’t let AA just go out there and wing it and try to score is just stupid. It’s actually detrimental for his career. He has a far better shot at becoming a solid two way player in the top six than scoring like Ovechkin (whose still miles better defensively that AA) Lets not forget he doesn’t score very much either. Until AA proves it he is just the Red Wings version of Emerson Etem. Casual fans were super high on him too when he first broke into the league