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  1. After all the teams get down to their opening night roster the salaries will be a lot closer
  2. Imagine whining about salary when theirs a hard salary cap. The difference in our salary being the highest to fifteenth highest is marginal and not even worth the time discussing
  3. So this deal got done between Holland and Tatar and not through arbitration... even though they had their hearing?
  4. I think the Wings got the best years out of flip the highlight of his career was that Beaty goal in the finals in 08 where he dove and hooked the puck in
  5. The problem is Holland needs to get a return on Tatar at the very least. Trading him at the deadline would be the worst case scenario
  6. Tatar is very good secondary scorer. Pretty much the exact same player and impact as Hudler
  7. An expiring RFA about to hit UFA status and could walk or ask for a fortune. He's way more valuable to trade with some term attached or else he is just Vanek at the deadline
  8. What's the point of even making this statement? I know you think you got some sort of hot take with this one cause you keep repeating it but the players aren't even in a similar situation at all. Comparing RFA wingers to UFA centers based purely on career PPG % is stupid and a waste of time
  9. Tatar will be worthless if he's awarded a 1 year deal. Pretty much makes him a secondary trade deadline acquisition for other teams instead of a key piece in a trade that could be worthwhile. Tatar and Nyquist are pretty much the only assets they've developed and worth something and if Tatar gets moved for a 3rd at the deadline then that's a big L for Holland. Ideally I'd like 5.5M @ 4 years
  10. Hopefully they can get longer term at 5.5M before arbitration. I think that's fair. 1 year deal and Tatar's value drops significantly
  11. I think that may be a type of plastic you can stride on. I remember when I played hockey they had this treadmill that you could actually skate on
  12. 5.5M AAV @ 4 years is a fair deal for both sides imo
  13. Beating Anaheim in 2013 was one of my favourite series ever
  14. Don't get me started on Damien brunner
  15. Can't believe Holland waved this next superstar it's hossa all over again