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  1. Be like the NFL and just cancel a contract at any time
  2. Absolutely no more wingers
  3. New Jersey owns his rights
  4. Doc Emerick is the worst by far imo
  5. All these coaches achieved similar results as Blashill with twice as much talent all in their prime. Completely different circumstance
  6. The whole season has been disappointing but it's okay to say the organization expects a lot more from Mrazek. Special teams and goaltending is the difference in how we made the playoffs last year compared to being one of the worst teams in the league this year
  7. Wow what an amazing photo
  8. Crazy how good of a player Marchand became. I remember him driving the Canucks crazy in that Cup final
  9. Elbows, leaves his feet and then won't fight. I like what LA did there tho
  10. Honestly that team was kinda crap. They did well under Babcock's gameplan and scored ugly goals and were high energy but they were outplayed for the most part. Could have easily lost that Ducks series with their 3 OT wins. Still one of the most entertaining runs
  11. Pretty sad but I'm handling it better than I expected As far as firing Blashill goes... He's infuriated me at points this season but I'm not sure having a revolving door of coaches for young players is such a good idea. It took a full season but he's starting to trust guys like AA, Mantha and they're performing without Z. The real problem imo is the defense. Blashill can get them to play competent enough to win for 5 game stretches but you see them come off the hinges a lot and when that happens the team simply cannot win games. That comes from inexperience and also some vets being a disappointment. The worst thing going forward is to throw another coach and continue with the same struggles. The reward could be the team would respond to a new coach and immediately thrive but I doubt theirs much a coach can do for this roster
  12. Missed in the 89-90 season
  13. Dekeseyer wants no part in playing the puck, he just launches to no one in particular as soon as he can When all is said and done, Ericsson's career>Dekeseyer
  14. Dekeseyer needs to learn how to block shots
  15. The Defense has zero offensive zone game. Pass the puck D to D and then throw it in the corner. Forwards have better point shots