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  1. 3/4 GDT - Red Wings at Wild 7:00 PM EST

    That was about as good as I can expect the wings to play. They controlled most of the game against a good team but the scoring just isn’t there. Hopefully Mantha stays with Larkin. That was one of his strongest games in a while even though he didn’t register a point. Continue to use AA as a weapon offensively. Throwing him on different lines seems to have him more engaged and impacting the game. Wouldn’t mind seeing Nielsen centering that Nyquist line for a little bit to see how he does
  2. 03/02 | Detroit Red Wings @ Winnipeg Jets | 8 PM ET

    Yes, that’s definitely taking it way too far. E was never the worst defensmen on the team like some made it seem but his resurgence this season is only that of an average top 4 defense first defensmen that compliments playing with a puck mover on his pair. Far from an impact player. Funny that the media starts praising Ericsson and people suddenly jump on the bandwagon to such extremes I never seen anything on twitter or during the broadcast that he was scratched because of illness and assumed it was a coaching decision. Not saying he deserved it of all the defense but Blashill taking some risks at this point of the season would be nice to see one way or another
  3. Guess they played Mrazek in back to backs and he’s given up 2 on 11 shots so far
  4. Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    I don’t know how the defense would even function without Green throughout a whole season. How are we going to insert Hronek/Cholo into the lineup with a train wreck like that and ask them to run the PP and push offense? #1 priority is trying to get these young players to hit their ceilings.
  5. If Philly’s backup plays well tomorrow I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrazek gets benched going forward
  6. 03/02 | Detroit Red Wings @ Winnipeg Jets | 8 PM ET

    So nobody is going to make a big deal of Blashill scratching Ericsson? This was his boldest move of the season sadly
  7. Trade Mrazek or be stuck with both Jimmy and Mraz or let Mrazek walk for nothing. No brainer
  8. Yeah I seen they were out shot by a wide margin and as soon as I flicked on the game Mrazek got scored on so I think it’s best I don’t watch
  9. Rough game for Mrazek against the Hurricanes. He’s got a tough schedule coming up to try and get those 5 wins
  10. Rasmussen-Larkin-AA will be the top line next year
  11. I always preferred Nyquist but I’ll miss Tats and that legendary gif on his game tieing goal against NYR in that epic game
  12. Rumors Thread

    I kind of hate Green now especially if he plays in our next game
  13. Rumors Thread

    I’m really suspicious of Greens injury
  14. Rumors Thread

    Fake injury prevented the trade thanks a lot Green. I see him being resigned anyways
  15. Rumors Thread

    Green will be the consolation prize for whoever misses on McDonough (spelling?)